Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Effects of Abusing Anti-Anxiety Pills.

Sometimes in our life, all of us go through the different phases of anxiety and stress. Some causes are backed by the difficulties we face on the daily basis while others are classified on the basis of our previous experiences that doesn’t allow you to have the relaxed life.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is one of the types of Anxiety which is described as the continuous and excessive stress about a number of minimal things. In such condition, people hold the tendencies of developing the disastrous or extremely negative thoughts backed by the made-up scenarios. GAD also force the person to get excessively worried about their family, work, studies, health, and money. People suffering from GAD not only finds it difficult to control their thoughts. However, it is also very difficult for them to think positively about the given situation thus leading to unhappiness, continuous worry, and negative vibes.

Diagnosis and Symptoms

It is technically a challenge to diagnose Generalized Anxiety Disorder with the help of a clinical test or laboratory examination. However, some of the common physical triggers can be associated with the stressors.

GAD is usually diagnosed on the basis of the time span. If a person is overly worried about different minimal things including events and activities for more than 6 months then, such a condition is classified as the primary indicator for GAD.

A person suffering from GAD also finds it excessively difficult to have the proper sleep and suffers from the unusual sleeping patterns backed by the overthinking about not-so-important things. Additionally, a person entering the initial phases of GAD might want’s to give-up on the negative thoughts and over-worrying. However, they are unable to control the generation of thoughts over the time. Some of the common symptoms which could further help in identifying the situation are as follows:

  • Continuous Restlessness leading to excessive fatigue than usual
  • Lack of concentration leading to Blank thoughts and Perception
  • Physical Pain such as sored muscles
  • Easily irritability to most usual situations and events
  • Sweating, Nausea, and Diarrhea backed by the difficulty in sleeping
  • Difficulty in carrying out daily activities such as performing work, maintaining a relationship, and having a conversation with the needed people.

If the doctor is able to detect one of the above-mentioned symptoms in the patient then, they are treated under the GAD. According to the recent researches, women are more prone to develop this chronic anxiety than men. Childhood and middle age are said to be one of the most common ages on which people tend to develop the stressors associated with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

The cure for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

A number of clinical as well as psychological treatments can effectively help with the GAD. The most common type of treatments is associated with the supportive therapies in which interpersonal techniques are used for understanding the thought process of the suffering patient.

Some of the common Generalized Disorder treatments are further explained in the section below.

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment is one of the forms of psychotherapy in which doctor aims to focus on the problematic thoughts of the patient. CBT can also be classified as the counseling therapy which is carried in order to promote the flow of happy vibes and positive thoughts by properly working of dysfunctional emotions, thoughts, and experiences. CBT is the most effective type of treatment for the GAD because it mainly focuses on finding the right solution at the right time. This treatment positively forces the patient to challenge their obstructed thoughts and workout on their behavioral patterns in order to combat the unhappiness, negative thoughts and lack of appropriate daily activity.

No particular medicines are prescribed under the CBT treatment until the doctor is able to identify some of the visible physical issues.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Acceptance Commitment Therapy is another technique in which patients are encouraged to develop the concept of mindfulness. This approach helps the patients in understanding different ways through which they can manage and control their emotions in the right manner. Although this technique requires a lot of patience and practice because, during the initial stages, it is relatively harder for the person to challenge their thoughts and workout on them in order to maintain the emotional harmony.

This practice effectively helps the person in understanding their own thought process and then, challenging the thoughts for better well-being.


People who are suffering from the initial stages of GAD are usually not prescribed any proper medications. However, some of the doctors tend to go for the combination of counseling as well as the medication in order to normalize the situation and control the potential symptoms.

Under the mild conditions, most of the doctors prescribe the antidepressants. Antidepressants help the patient in getting rid of the unwanted anxiety and depression attacks. These medicines also help in regulating the sleeping pattern by controlling the emotions in the right manner.

Counselors usually prescribe Benzodiazepines which helps in getting rid of the anxiety in a rapid manner. Moreover, Azapirones are also recommended by the doctors and used for the long terms. Although, Azapirones works relatively slower than the Benzodiazepines and are given in order to provide the relaxation for the longest period of time

No medicine should ever be consumed by the patient on the basis of self-medication. Such an act could lead to adverse conditions such as Palpitation, mood swings, disturbance in the stomach and other physical difficulties.

Other Effective Treatments

Apart from the medication and counseling combination, some of the doctors also recommend the patients to bring changes into their daily routine, Activities like relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, exercising, and different communication techniques could effectively help the people in overcoming the GAD.


It has been estimated that around 18% of the world populations suffer from the Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Additionally, around 6.8 million adults are currently being affected by initial o extreme stages of GAD. This chronic anxiety is usually followed by the minimal stressors which are usually associated with our daily life.


If you think your situation is relatable to the given information or you know someone who is suffering from the alike circumstances then, don’t hesitate to have a word with our counselors who are always ready to sort your problems out.

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