Gamma Knives – How They Work

gamma knives

One of the big inventions on the brain-cancer-curing scene these days is the use of gamma knife treatment on patients who need a number of procedures such as trigeminal neuralgia radiosurgery or to help with acoustic neuroma problems. Despite the name, it is not an actual knife, but the name is derived from the fact that the machine does work like a knife.

The brain is a dangerous thing to have surgery around, as a single wrong move can kill a patient, so working on destroying brain cancer can be particularly hazardous to a patient’s health. This is what makes the gamma knife so necessary. Gamma knife radiosurgery is a technique that allows the surgeon to be minimally invasive, by acting similarly to a surgeon’s scalpel by giving a single, high dose of gamma radiation to a specified area. The targeted area of the brain receives the full power of the blast so the diseased tissue is destroyed, while the healthy and normal brain tissue absorbs as little radiation as possible. Furthermore, no incisions are needed to be made during the surgery, and anesthetics are not required either, as only a mild sedative is needed, doing away with any side effects or dangers of using anesthesia.

Gamma knife treatment is now being considered the “Gold Standard” of radiosurgery for a number of reasons. The surgery allows the patient to have no hair loss or scarring. Gamma knife brain surgery has superior results that have been documented over the past 20 years of studies with peer-reviewed medical journals. Beyond this, there are no incisions necessary, and the high level of effectiveness goes hand in hand with the high safety rating.

Gamma knife surgery has a case load of over 400,000 patients, and after using the procedure on these people, there have been no deaths with having a minimal morbidity rate. After the 20 years of research on the effectiveness of the gamma knife, it can be claimed that no other neurosurgical tool has had such amazing results.

So after looking at all of the evidence here, it’s safe to say that gamma knives are at the pinnacle of innovations to help fight cancer these days. With the ability to kill cancer so effectively while still keeping the surrounding areas healthy all while keeping the patient comfortable is a huge feat. We can only hope that inventions such as these will help allows us to eventually beat cancer one day, once and for all.

Gamma knife treatment has been used on over 400,000 patients and its effectiveness has been studied and reviewed for 20 years. If you are suffering from acoustic neuroma, research how gamma knife treatment might be able to help.

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