Fundraiser Ideas to Raise Money for Schools and Churches


Schools and churches are always in need of donations to maintain their programs and services. Raising money is never easy, but as times become increasingly tough, it’s going to get even harder to find those funds.

Parents who volunteer to serve on fundraising committees are usually on the lookout for new ways to fill the coffers. While direct solicitations are an important part of any organization’s fundraising strategy, to be successful you need to diversify your efforts and include other activities.

To help you plan events for the upcoming year beyond the typical bake sale and car wash, several individuals involved in fundraising have offered the benefit of their experience:

Daniel Brauser, CEO of, says:

“Redeeming old jewelry for cash at ‘Gold Parties’ is quickly becoming a popular social gathering because of the hard economic times upon us. But more than just a night with your friends, this idea of ‘Cash for Gold’ is quickly becoming a trend in the fundraising circuit for its fairly easy execution and profitable outcome. Gold is reaching historically high prices, and as a result people are cashing in their old jewelry and other precious metal items for both personal finance reasons and fundraising events?

The next tip is offered by Candace (C.L.) Talmadg, author of the Green Stone of Healing(r) Series:

“The ultimate garage sale is a great way for multi-member organizations to raise money. Encourage members to contribute stuff they might have put up for sale had they held individual garage sales.

“Bring it to a place that is easily accessible to regular garage sale attendees. A school can hold the event on school grounds, as an example. Lots of space and parking and always near residential areas where garage sales are usually held. Advertise the event for free in that city’s, in the garage sale section?

Lori Weintraub, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, talked about an event her organization has found to be extremely successful:

“We have conducted school site walk-a-thons, which take place during the lunchtime period. Not only do these fundraisers involve the whole student body, but they also have the benefit of implementing some exercise into the students’ day and are an educational component, as well.

“Every student can get involved regardless of ability, and that makes it very attractive to the schools. It allows students to garner monetary support from their family and friends and these donations add up to even larger revenues for the Diabetes Research Institute. These walks, which come under the banner of a program we call Diabetes Diplomats, have raised as much as $35,000 from just one school site. The kids have felt so gratified from taking this on and the families have gotten involved, as well. Administrators have commented on both the educational and financial component, but also of the absolute ease of implementing the program?

Nona Snyder, Director of Development and Marketing for the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford (Connecticut), offered this:

“I’ve had great success with fashions shows — partnering with local stores, outlets, designers, or major outlets such as Bloomingdale’s who will donates clothes for the charity to model — the charity sells tickets as a fundraising tool?

And keeping within the theme of clothes and cash, Shannan Boyer, Account Supervisor at Wordsworth Communications, says:

“At my son’s school, Lisa Mason of the PTA organized a gently used costume sale. They collected costumes from the community and school attendees, and then had a night where parents could come in and purchase them. They’ve done it for two years and both years have been pretty successful. The first year they raised over $200 and they beat that this year?

The more scarce money becomes, the more parents will have to rely on their ingenuity to create events that will arouse the curiosity of the community and motivate them to participate. Use these ideas as a jumping off point, and then get everybody together and see if you can brainstorm a few more.

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