Fun Weight Loss Techniques


Weight loss can be a monotonous chore.  If you own or use a treadmill, you may have felt like you were on a hamster wheel at times.  Every minute of exercise ticks by with impossible slowness.  Diets can also get you down and leave you dreaming about your favorite comfort foods while trying to down a plate of greens.

Losing weight does not have to feel like a punishment.  Have you ever considered that weight loss can be fun and enjoyable?  Read this article to discover new and fun ways to lose weight.

Water Sports

Picture yourself gliding through the misty waters of a beautiful lake in a canoe while being serenaded by loons.  Canoeing is a great way to stay in shape and can give you hours of enjoyment.  You can burn upwards of two hundred calories an hour by traversing a lake.

If you want a water sport that will get your heart pumping a little faster, try a kayak.  Zoom down fast flowing rivers while maneuvering past obstacles.  Kayaking takes concentration, strength and balance.  It may take a little practice to get used to the kayak, but once you are comfortable with this set up, you will be set for a high paced workout.

If you want to get out on the water with your spouse or kids, take a paddleboat out for a spin.  You won’t go too fast, but it’s a comfortable way to explore waterways while being with a friend or loved one.  Plus, your lower body will get a great workout.

Do you have a need for speed?  You could always go waterskiing.  You definitely won’t be thinking about how monotonous exercise is while cruising around a lake on skis or on a wakeboard.

The best water sport for your overall health is swimming.  A simple swim in a pool or lake can burn around 400 calories an hour (more or less depending on how much you weigh).  Swimming is a low impact workout which means you won’t be hobbling around the next day with sore knees and ankles.

Lawn Games

Have you ever played cornhole?  If not, put this game on the top of your to do list.  You’ll need a couple of opponents and some cornhole game boards (lots of online suppliers sell great cornhole sets).  The goal is to toss a beanbag into the hole on the opposite playing board.  Sounds easy, right?  It is, but it is a great workout too.  You can easily burn 150 calories an hour – not counting the energy spent on your victory dance.

Croquet is a little more refined but also packs a caloric burning punch.  The aim of this game is to move your ball through wickets with a mallet.  Anyone can play this game which means it is a great outdoor workout for people of all ages.

Team Sports

It’s time to dust off the old sports equipment and get out there.  Rediscover the thrill of rounding the bases after hitting a pop-fly or going on a breakaway in soccer.  Team sports will have you caught up in the game and will give you all the excitement and competition you can handle.

Besides baseball and soccer, you could try volleyball during the winter, beach volleyball in the summer, ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball, and kickball.  There are sports and leagues for everyone.  A high paced game of beach volleyball sure beats an evening of walking the treadmill.

So Many Options

These are just a couple examples of fun ways to lose weight.  Losing weight does not have to mean boring food and boring exercises down at the gym.  Be creative and think about some of the activities you enjoy.  It could be something as simple as gardening or as adventurous as horseback riding or rock climbing.

Find your niche and burn some calories – you’ll be fit in no time.

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