Have workout while traveling – 30 Minute Workout (No Fitness Equipment)

Getting a workout in at a gym is as easy as finding a reason to buy a hybrid these days.

With hundreds of machines and free weight stations from which to choose, it’s pretty much paint-by-numbers from that point forward. However, all this reliance on fancy equipment and an almost limitless selection of pre-designed exercises can sometimes take the ingenuity out of the process. And, when you find yourself outside of your element, such as when you are traveling and don’t have access to fitness equipment – you have to be able to think on your feet.

30min full workout

30-Minute Workout (No Fitness Equipment)

In fact, never mind the travel aspect of the workout, this program is so well designed, you may even consider doing it at your gym instead of your usual workout!!

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Before beginning, be sure to do a few minutes of simple stretches.

2. Begin with one minute of squats against the wall. Stand flat against the wall with feet hip width apart and a foot away from the wall, keeping the shoulders against the wall and a straight back. Inhale and bend the knees to 90 degrees, keeping the knees over the toes. Exhale as you straighten the legs. Continue for one minute.

3. Move to the floor and do one minute of partial body push-ups, with the lower part of the quad (just above the knee) on the floor.

4. For one minute, do modified jumping jacks. Instead of moving your arms over your head, press the palms of your hands together at chest level with elbows out (forming a straight line).

5. Stand flat against the wall. Bend at the waist and knees and put your hands on the floor. Walk your hands out in a straight line until you’re in a full plank position (make sure your hands are directly under the shoulders with your fingers pointed forward. Also tighten the glutes and abs to prevent your lower back from sinking). Walk your hands back to your feet and rise to stand again flat against the wall. Repeat for one minute.

6. Turn and face the wall. Place your hands at chest level, and keep your feet and knees touching with your feet about a foot away from the wall. Make a 20 degree bend with the elbows to engage the chest, pointing the elbows out to the side away from the body. Keeping the hands on the wall, twist at the waist, jumping while twisting from right to left. Repeat for one minute.

7. Find a chair and place the back of it against the wall. Step-up onto the chair, and step-back onto the floor. Continue to do 20 per leg, moving at a fast pace to keep the heart rate up. Always be sure to step up placing the weight in the heels to protect the knees and engage the glutes. Stretch the quads once you complete the set.

8. Sit on the chair with your hands under your glutes with your arms straight and fingers facing inward towards one another. Contract your pelvis, lower abs and keeping your knees bent at a 90 degree angle, lift your feet off the floor and tuck your knees in towards your chest, bending the upper body slightly towards your knees. Do as many as you can until you reach fatigue.

9. Place your hands on the side of the chair and wrap your fingers around the edge. Scoot forward until your glutes are on the edge of the chair and your arms are fully extended. Keep your feet approximately three inches apart with legs extended so knees are approx. 150 degrees and the heels grounded. Do 15-20 dips, three seconds down and one second up. To do the dip, bend the elbows, keeping them tucked in tight alongside the body, with elbows pointed back, chest elevated and shoulders back.

10. Repeat the above abs, but with hands wrapped around the side of the chair and elbows facing out. Lift the knees and do sets of 5 crunches without the feet touching the floor. Stand and do ten jumping jacks. Repeat the set five times.

11. Lay flat on the floor on your back with one leg extended straight on the floor and the other straight up in the air. Extend the arms in the air over your head keeping your elbows lined up over your shoulders. Press the palms together creating a cross with the hands, wrapping the fingers around the other hand. Keeping the shoulders on the ground, create resistance by pushing the right hand into the left bringing the elbow down towards the ground, ending perpendicular to the body. Once touched down, push the left hand into the right hand to bring both arms straight, ending directly above the chest. Do 15 on the left hand side. Change the direction of the hand position, and repeat 15 on the right side.

12. Lay flat on the floor on your back with arms out to the sides in a T. Bring the knees up above the floor to a 90 degree bend. Extend the legs straight towards the ceiling (don’t lock the knees), and bring back to 90 degrees. Repeat and do as quickly as possible in 30 seconds.

13. Drop the knees to the left side, one on top of the other, keeping both shoulders on the floor. Place the right hand under the head and place the left hand pushing down on the left quad (creating resistance to try and push it down), keeping the arm straight and flat on the floor. Crunch on a diagonal, bring your right elbow towards the left knee, while bringing the left knee in towards the elbow. Do 15 reps on the left side. Lay flat on your back, pull both knees in towards the chest for a back stretch. Hold for 20 seconds. Switch the hands behind the head, bring the knees to the other side and do 15 reps on the right.

14. Finish up lying on your back with the knees back up at a 90 degree angle. Put the right hand behind the neck and place the left hand just above the right knee, pressing to create resistance. Lift your head and shoulders off the ground, holding for 15 seconds which keeping the back flat and abs engaged. Place the left hand behind the neck, pressing the right hand above the left knee and hold for 15 seconds to hit the other side.

15. Finish up with two to three minutes of stretching.

This makes asking the question, “Does your hotel have a fitness center?” pretty much pointless, doesn’t it?


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