Fuel for Longer Workouts

You are not an endurance athlete, training for the marathon, but you feel like you should run another extra mile and you cannot do it because you’re missing the necessary energy. What you can do to increase your energy level and your stamina is not complicated, and it is actually enjoyable:

boost energy levels

Drink a glass of chocolate milk.

This is a trick used even by the professional athletes. An experiment has shown that chocolate milk might help tired athletes refuel as well or better than some popular sports drinks. Athletes who had between two session of exercises chocolate milk were able to perform about as long as those who drank special energizing drink (like Gatorade). The great advantage is that chocolate milk is healthier than a sports drink because is more natural. The combination of carbohydrate and protein contained by the milk is the perfect combination.

Enjoy some honey

This amazing food gets its sweetness from the monosaccharide fructose and glucose contained by its chemical composition. This kind of carbohydrates combinations (fructose and glucose) boosts the energy level during endurance better than the pure glucose does. So if you want to resist longer when it comes about physical workout, you can have a spoon full of honey. It’s delicious, and it doesn’t contain carbs only, but vitamins and antioxidants, too. Besides pampering your taste with its sweetness, if you will choose darker honeys, you will be protected better against several diseases due to its disease-fighting compounds contained.

Have a coffee.

This beverage can easily boost your energy levels. And this is not the only advantage of drinking a cup of coffee before workout. It improves physical stamina and reaction time and it reduces by up to one half post exercise muscle soreness.

Try some yogurt.

Intense physical activities can influence the immune system, leaving you vulnerable to upper respiratory tract infections. Probiotics from yogurt may help keep you healthy. This thing was proven in 2008, when a group 20 endurance athletes found that taking daily probiotic capsules enhanced the activity of the athletes’ immune-boosting T-cells and cut the length of time they experienced upper respiratory tract infection symptoms by more than half.

Eat some Chia seeds

They were used by the mysterious Tarahumara Indians of Mexico to help them run a lot of miles through the deadly canyons. The combination of nutrients contained by the chia seeds (carbs, protein, fiber, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids) make them a great choice for endurance athletes. If you will decide to try the chia seeds, compared to the other four magical foods,which can be found in almost every kitchen, you will have to pay a visit to a specialized shop, but they totally worth it! Try them!

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