From Fashion to Tech: What presents will seriously owe you this year


The fashion business is continuously famous for its new trends and innovations so whenever new season or years is about to come many were asking what would be the newest trend that will rock the world. On the other hand, the relationship between fashion and technology is mounting new heights. Nevertheless, if you will be asked what presents will seriously owe you this year; it could be fashion or technology?

Honestly speaking, choosing between fashion and technology is not easy because technology affects fashion business by offering a lot of good opportunities such as increasing brand and company’s awareness. Furthermore, one of the greatest facilities that technology has offered to the fashion industry is the growth of online shopping where customers can order or purchase fashion accessories easily. In fact, no one can deny how technology affects the fashion industry because in just a few minutes the newest fashion trends will be delivered to everybody. Nevertheless, both fashion houses and customers will be benefited with the new technology innovations because fashion becomes trends immediately as well as fashion houses sent the trends to their target customers on the other hand.

Therefore, for these reasons, there is no doubt that everybody will seriously be indebted to technology because without the help of technology no one will be able to know what the newest fashion trends are.

However, let us dig deeper why should fashion industries as well as individuals who are looking for fashionable presents be indebted to technology.


  •         Dress Production and Designing

With the aid of technology dress, production and designing become easier because fashion industries are now using digital libraries to store their fashions details such as product specifications, prints, colors, and styles.

  •         Managing Customers

The majority of fashion industries have a strong online presence on several social media platforms where that can engage or interact with their customers directly to acquire feedbacks regarding their products. Not only that, social media can also be a great help since fashion brands will know immediately what are the wants and needs of their customers. So in today’s modern worlds, customers are now free to dictate their whims while the fashion brands can now build a strong customer relationship.

  •         Fast and Affordable Fashion Styles

the web

In reality, with the aid of technology fashion industries can now display their fashion styles on a ramp and to all fashion lovers easily and quickly. With, it is now possible that middle class or level of individuals can now acquire the dresses, clothing, and other fashion accessories that are somewhat the same to the dresses worn by famous celebrities and ramp models. And for the past couple years there is no doubt that technology really helps retailers especially retailers that are lined to fashion business to make their fashion styles accessible to middle-class people at a very affordable price in just a short period of time.

  •         Fashion Blogs

In the past couple of years, several fashion bloggers become more popular and they really stand out. On the other hand, while you’re thinking that their judgment is worth that much; several fashion bloggers become recognized as the expert of the latest trends and places where customers can buy amazing branded clothing, designer clothes, and other fashion accessories. However, if you’re confused how these fashion bloggers relay these kinds of fashion trends to millions of people they are using their tablets and smartphones to update their blogs instantly whenever they are. So as you can see, without technology as well as gadgets those fashion bloggers will not be able to make these things possible.


the fashion

To sum it all, we can definitely conclude that the relation between fashion industries and technology is going stronger and stronger and technology plays a big part in today’s trend. On the other hand, if you’re into fashion or just someone looking for something to purchase for your loved ones as a present, always keep in mind that technology had influenced it in some ways. From the way it is designed, the study of trends from social media factors and purchasing behavior of the market.

So, are you fashionably in today?


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