Four Ways Hiking Helps Your Mental Health

As the years go by and more studies are conducted, we are learning just how important mental health is. Your mental health is just as vital as your physical health and other aspects of your life. Positive mental health will help you feel more positive, motivated and can help you be more creative and feel happy. Part of working on your mental health involves being active, which hiking, in particular, can help with. Hiking gets your heart rate rising, allows you to be outside and spend time with friends and family members. Whether you are going on a short hike or booking Camino accommodation for a longer trip, below we look into four ways hiking can help your mental health.

Spend time outside

It’s been proven that spending time outside can help your mental health by combating anxiety, loneliness and depression. When going on a hike, you’ll be spending most of your time outside, exploring nature. This gives you time to forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to live in the moment, taking in the beautiful views and greenery around. Hikes can be done in your local area, abroad or you can journey out to one further away from your home. If you want to spend time outside but don’t fancy hiking, you could always look at the Camino de Santiago by bike.

Meet like-minded people

As you get older, a lot of people suffer from loneliness as it can be harder to make friends or meet new people. By joining a hiking club and going on hikes, you can spend time with others. You’ll make new friends and can socialise on your hikes as well as do other activities when at home. They can benefit your mental health substantially, helping you feel more positive about your life as well as feeling less lonely. If you feel nervous about joining a club, ask a friend or a family member to accompany you when you first join.

Exercise is good for your mental health

Exercising has many benefits, one of them, in particular, being your mental health. It is recommended you exercise 2 to 3 times a feel and by doing so you’ll feel more healthy and help your cardiovascular system. Hiking will increase your heart rate, get your muscles working and burn plenty of calories. No matter the length of your hike, it’s good exercise and will help your mental health in a positive way.

Helps you lose weight

Being a healthy weight is important for your mental health as well as the health of your heart. The more overweight you are, the more likely you are to suffer from bad mental health as well as be susceptible to illnesses. Hiking is a form of exercise that will help you burn calories. Through the calorie burning, you will lose weight, helping you reach a healthier target.

Have you been on a hike recently? How did you find hiking helped with your mental health? Is there any point you would like to add that you think our readers will benefit from? Let us know in the comment box below.

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