Four Reasons You Should Invest in a Temperature Control Vape Device


When you are vaping, you want to be sure that you’re safe while at the same time getting the best experience from your device. You caneffectively achieve that by taking advantage of the new technology known as temperature control. As the name suggests, these devices are designed to regulate the temperature of your vaping device. They maintain the temperature at a pre-set level as the coil heats up.

With temperature control (TC), the overall efficiency of your device will also increase and you’ll enjoy a longer battery life. Namely, TC only utilizes only the wattage that is needed to maintain the pre-set temperature.Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of temperature control devices, so you can decide whether they are a worthy investment for you.

  1. You can avoid dry hits.

With a temperature control device, you can effectively avoid the unpleasant “dry hit” sensation. A dryor burnt hit occurs when the vape juice runs out or its level drops,and any hit on the vaporizer produces a dry, irritating sensation. A TC device ensures the power is reduced as your now-dry vaping device heats up, resulting in a weak hit instead of a dry one. You can also take longer hits, since the device doesn’t get hotter as you inhale.

  1. You can havea safe vaping experience.

With controlled temperature, you don’t have to worry about being exposed to excessive heat and the injuries that may come with it. Temperature control vape mods are designed to ensure that the amount of heat is just what is required without overheating. Moreover, it is safe to use a TC device to regulate the amount of vapor you inhale.

  1. Your wicks and coils can last longer.

The cotton wick normally gets burnt when the vape runs low or runs out, explaining the horrible taste of a dry hit. The coil may also get damaged due to overheating. The end result is that your coil and wick won’t stand the test of time.

With temperature control, however, the coils and wicks are used optimally to deliver the needed vape without strain on the mechanics. They’re only subjected to the recommended temperature range, and hence they can last longer.

  1. You can vape for a longer period between charges.

With a temperature control device, your vaporizer uses only the required energy to burn the coil at the selected temperature. As a result, there’s no waste of power when you’re using your vaping device, leading to a longer battery life.  That means you won’t have to charge your device as frequently.


If you’ve ever experienced a dry hit, you willprobably do anything to ensure you don’t have such an experience ever again. Besides producing the horrible taste, dry hits can also damage your wicks and coils, which can cost you a fortune to replace. You can avoid all these issues and have a stress-free vaping experience by simply investing in a temperature control vape device.

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