4 Incredible Simple Steps towards the True Healing

True healing has nothing to do with suppressing symptoms of an illness. True healing comes from the process of making peace with and within your mind.

1.      Accept your illness.

Admitting that you are ill is a form of accepting what you really are at a certain moment. If you deny your illness you will put even more stress to your already stressed body and mind. Accepting your illness doesn’t mean that you are giving up. It means that you are advancing in a new direction, that you are in control of yourself and you can take responsibility for your situation.

2.      Choose to see the positive side of your illness.

Is it a good side of being ill? No, unless you think that the illness is an opportunity to become stronger, a challenge which can take you to superior physical, emotional and spiritual level.

3.      Trust your body.

Your body has all kind of natural self-repair mechanisms that are influenced by thoughts, feelings and beliefs that originate in your mind. Trust in your own healing ability. Trust in your body ability to put you back into the state of balance. Think that your body is totally on your side, and never against you.

4.      Physical wellness shouldn’t be your supreme goal in life.

Supreme health or supreme wellness does not exist. So do not punish your body to reach some fictional, unreachable ideals. Enjoy the trip while keeping the straight road… Try to enjoy the only sure thing you can possibly own in life- the current moment. It might not seem to be a perfect moment, but life is not only about the perfect physical health, but about being able to live perfectly well with imperfections. Following a high goal such as complete health, will rob your body from the energy necessary to heal and sustain itself. Keep in mind that you are here: present and alive. This is all the cells of your body need to know and feel in order to do the job assigned to them. Cells that are “fed” with love and caring attention will improve their function carrying out a healing response.


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