For a Lasting Body and Soul Glow; Online Yoga by Glo


How tight is your daily schedule? If you’re like me, get that extra hour to hit the gym daily is practically impossible. The world over, life is a race against time; a few minutes saved can go a long way. However, you don’t want to forget the importance of healthy living. Your physical and mental health must always be on top notch, how better to achieve this than through yoga? More interestingly, at Glo, we have carefully captured the unique and meticulous yoga traditions and created an online yoga platform, that perfectly fits into your busy schedule wherever you are.

Our online yoga platform offers you intelligent tools to activate in you, a fulfilled life and greatly promote your true potential. We have put in place some friendly measures to help you easily and quickly realize this;

1. Yoga for everyone

If you have no idea what yoga is all about, worry not, At Glo, we have specially tailored this for you. A practical and interactive way to take up a new routine without being overwhelmed. We have taken a variety of styles and create a well-rounded routine, that is pretty easy for you to fit in. With highly skilled and experienced instructors, styles such as Yoga Hatha, Yoga Restorative, Yoga Vinyasa Flow, and Yoga Conditioning, form a wonderful yoga online introductory package.

2. Expert-led programs

If you are going to spare some time for yoga, you want a variety of programs to choose from and programs that have an expert touch, and programs that will be a value for your time. Our diverse set of programs are skills-oriented, inspirational, and rhythm-based, guiding you at every step. Our yoga movements, training, and meditation designed to advance with you bring intention and action to all facets of your life.

3. Strong support systems and accessibility

Support forms the backbone to any successful endeavor. We have structures in place to adequately address any concerns and promptly. Our online yoga instructors are always readily available and at your disposal. The fact that you can access the platform with your favorite devices, from wherever you are, at any given time, makes it pretty convenient and easy to keep consistency in your yoga routine. Further, this platform integrates into a lot of popular viewing devices like Apple TV, Google Play, and Ruku, further improving accessibility.

4. Friendly membership fee

At only $18 a month, you have unlimited access to their wide-ranging collection of more than 2,500 videos and a host of new classes. For a stronger and healthier you, and under expert training, unlike other yoga online free platforms, this membership fee is a pretty reasonable fee.

5. 15-day free trial

Now, this is the most interesting bit; you get a 15-day free trial on the platform. At Glo, we give you a true feel of our blueprint, complete with expert guidance, what a deal? Yoga training has never been this convenient. You have no excuse of not taking good care of yourself. Your free access is just a click away.


With very little to no free time, a consistent yoga program could greatly change your life. It’s a sure way to revamp your brain, making it calmer, less reactive, and more centered. Our Glo yoga online tools empower and support you.

Glo platform is time and pocket-friendly, designed to connect persons from all walks of life. In a world of distraction and noise, we offer you a serene place for personal progress. It’s about time you create the best out of your life through our all rounded well-being treat in a digital space.

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