Foods You Probably Don’t Know You Should Be Eating

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There are plenty of foods we do not eat, either because we don’t like them or we don’t realise how great they are for us. Fruit and vegetables should always be a part of your diet, but here are a five foods that have great health benefits and you should be attempting to incorporate into your diet whenever you can.


coconut fruit

–          The Health Benefits

Coconuts are packed with vitamins and minerals, which are obviously fantastic for our health and they can help develop healthy bones and teeth.

The Coconut oil contains antioxidants which help keep us looking young and, believe it or not, it can also help treat a number of skin disorders, including psoriasis and eczema.

–          How to Incorporate it into our Diets

If you like the taste of coconut and you would like to incorporate it into your diet, then try making a yummy Thai Coconut Curry. You can even drink Coconut Milk for an easy way to include this food in your diet.


–          The Health Benefits

The Kiwi fruit contains as much potassium as Bananas do and more Vitamin C than Oranges. They also contain a number of other vitamins that should always be present in our diets.

Kiwi is high in fibre and can help in the prevention of diseases, such as diabetes, and can also reduce cholesterol levels, which can lower your chances of having a heart attack.

–          How to Incorporate it into our Diets

This tasty fruit can be eaten on its own and cut into slices, it can be added to a fruit salad and you can even include it in your main meals. If you enjoy eating salads, then kiwi slices will go great with it. Kiwi slices can be added to chutney, which can be served with chicken or fish, so it can be involved in any meal of the day.


–          The Health Benefits

Most of us will have eggs every so often, but you probably don’t know how great they actually are for our diets. They are a great source of protein and they include potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin D, which are just a few of the things we need in our diets.

Some of the vitamins and minerals included do actually help fight cancer and can reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

–          How to Incorporate it into our Diets

There are so many ways you can incorporate an egg into your diet, for example, you can chuck chopped boiled egg into a salad, you can make an egg salad sandwich and an egg can be included in a Full English Breakfast. The various ways eggs can be made, for example fried, scrambled, poached, etc, makes them more versatile than other foods.

Cayenne Pepper

–          The Health Benefits

We don’t often think about the health benefits of spicy foods, but there are some that we should be aware of. Cayenne Pepper can boost your metabolism, which can help with weight loss, and it can also lower blood pressure and can help your digestive system by improving the speed and efficiency of the process.

–          How to Incorporate it into our Diets

Cayenne Pepper can easily be incorporated into our diets. Any Spanish or Mexican dish you serve can include Cayenne Pepper because it will go well. If you have Cayenne Pepper in a little shaker, then you can sprinkle it over a variety of foods, including fish and other meats.

Brazil Nuts

–          The Health Benefits

Brazil Nuts are a great source of a variety of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin E. They also contain a good amount of Selenium and just eating one or two Brazil Nuts a day is enough to add Selenium to your diet.

–          How to Incorporate it into our Diets

You can simply just have a little jar of Brazil Nuts so you can just grab a couple every day; this is a great way of incorporating Brazil Nuts into our diets. Brazil Nuts can easily be included in baking, but if you are looking to add them to a main course, then try a Brazil Nut Pesto.

A healthy diet is not always about just eating fruit and veg all the time because there are plenty of other foods that include a good amount of vitamins and minerals. Try to include some of the foods, listed above, into your diets.

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