Foods That Can Change Your Mood

Do you know that there are different foods that can alter your mood? There are foods that we perceive as comfort foods or snacks that we eat to feel better. However, according to several researchers, some of these foods can worsen our condition.

Hence, we should be careful with what to eat, not only to prevent weight gain but also to improve our health and mood. If you’re feeling down, here are the foods you can that we can eat and avoid in order to reduce your risk of feeling depressed.

foods that change your mood

 Crispy Snacks

It’s about time to set aside your Chips. According to a research from Spain that was published in the journal PLoS One, crispy snacks are not only loaded with Trans and saturated fat, it can also increase your risk of feeling depressed by 48%.

It is caused by the inflammatory effects of saturated fats and Trans fats in the neurotransmitters of the brain. Because their function is altered, the production of serotonin becomes affected. Hence, eating this snack when you feel sad can aggravate your condition.


If you think that drinking high caffeinated drinks is the only solution to increase your energy levels, researchers say otherwise. Caffeine has up and down effect. Meaning, the moment its effects subside, your energy level will rapidly decrease. Hence, you will feel more sleepy or tired after few hours of drinking or eating high caffeine foods and beverages.

According to a research published in the journal Brain Research Bulletin, instead of energy drinks you can eat avocados to boost your energy and alertness. Avocados contain high levels of amino acid tyrosine, which can pump up the norepinephrine and dopamine level in your brain. In return, you become more alert and alive.


It’s true that chocolates can make you feel happy. Based on the research findings published in the Journal of Psycho-pharmacology people who consume a cup of chocolate daily felt calmer and happier compared with people who drink other beverages.

The sweet delight can stimulate the production of serotonin in your brain. As we all know, serotonin is a common component of antidepressants because they can help boost the mood. Whenever you feel depressed, feel free to eat chocolates instead of other comfort foods. If you’re conscious with your weight, you can opt for dark chocolates. It is healthier and has zero sugar and milk.

Brown Rice

Do you suffer from mood swings? Why not add brown rice in your diet to improve your mood. Brown rice is not only good for your health and weight, it can also slow down the sugar absorption which can help reduce mood swings. High fiber foods also have the same effect. So, the next time you see Brussels sprouts and oats, make sure to take a few nibbles to feel lighter and better.


We often turn to sweets for solace. However, according to experts this is a bad habit that we should avoid. Eating too much sweet can spike up the sugar levels. At first, you may feel a sudden mood boost, but the after effect includes mood swings and strong feeling of anger.

The researchers from Princeton University say that sugar is addictive, and we can develop dependence to sugar. When it happens, we will develop more sugar cravings and eventually resort to sweets when we feel down. As a result, the whole cycle of the effects of sugar on our moods continues and worsens.

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