Foods Are Not The Only Thing

It is undeniable that the foods we eat have a crucial effect on our level of health. If we eat healthy foods, each cell in our body benefits from it. A good diet is an essential element of health. If we easily recognize the importance of healthy eating, very few among us succeed in putting it into practice in our daily lives.


Cooking methods

cooking methods

The way we cook the food that we eat has a decisive effect on its quality. Basically vegetables are excellent foods: rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes. Cook them for 30 minutes on high heat in a saucepan filled with oil. After this treatment, not only will the nutritious value of these foods be highly reduced, but they will also be hard to digest because they are drenched with hot oil.

Therefore, a cooking technique that will preserve the nutritious quality of the foods that you eat is recommended and, moreover, one that does not make your foods indigestible. In general, since the techniques vary from one food to other, vegetables should be cooked as little as possible and preferably be eaten raw.

The importance of chewing


Many factors can provide a better digestion of the foods that we eat. The way they are combined, their quality, our state of mind when we eat them, these are all factors that can act our digestion. But there is one factor that is even more fundamental: chewing.

The best food in the world could not be well digested and assimilated if it had not been properly chewed initially. This is the very first condition to making good use of foods. Chewing is much more than the simple process of grinding foods. Thanks to the enzymes found in the saliva, chewing contributes chemically to their digestion. In order for a food to be properly drenched with saliva, it must be well chewed.

If the foods have not been properly chewed, they are swallowed in relatively big chunks. It is then very hard for the gastric juices to efficiently break down these larger pieces of food. The result is a slow and more or less painful digestion.

Ideally, each mouthful should be chewed about thirty times. In the beginning, to develop this habit, it is suggested to count the number of times you chew. After a while, you will automatically do this complete process of chewing. Foods will only be swallowed when the mouth lets you know that they are practically liquefied.

It should be noted that even liquid foods must be chewed. They should be kept in the mouth for a certain time before being swallowed. This way, they will also be saturated with a quantity of saliva.

Undeniably, one could say chewing well is 50% of the whole digestive process. Anyone who has digestive problems or who wants to improve their digestion should thus begin with chewing their food more. This is one of the good eating habits that should be acquired.

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