Flavonoids Rich Food May Help Guard Against Diabetes

flavonoids rich foods

There are several studies in the past which shows that Flavonoids found in different food sources like wine, chocolate, berries and tea can help combat diabetes. Recently, a new study that was published in the Journal of Nutrition has shown that Flavanoid can guard against type two diabetes.

This is a great news for people who love wine, and chocolates says the researchers from the KingsKings College London and the University of East Anglia.

The result of the study proves that high consumption of dietary compounds found on foods mentioned above can significantly improve the regulation of blood sugar levels as well as reduce insulin resistance.

To win the fight against diabetes it is important to know how it affects the body. People with diabetes experience problems with the metabolism of insulin, which leads to high glucose levels on the bloods.

Rapid increase of glucose levels can damage the eyes, kidneys and the heart. Hence, it is important to monitor the blood-glucose levels and modify the diet in order to prevent the blood sugar levels to spike up.

For the study, the researchers reviewed the data of 1,997 women from TwinsUK aged 18-76. The participants were asked to complete a food questionnaire that can help tally their estimated intake of flavonoids and other flavonoids sub-classes such as the flavanones, anthocyanins, polymeric flavonoids flavones and flavonols.

Flavonoid can help prevent inflammation and insulin resistance

The result of the study has revealed that the participants who consumed high amount of flavones and anthocyanins, which are compounds present on foods like red grapes, berries, herbs, wine and chocolates have established lower insulin resistance. Moreover, it also shows that high levels of flavones can increase the adiponection levels or the special protein that can control the glucose levels.

Increased intake of anthocyanins is also associated to lower cases of chronic inflammation which a condition that is likely acquired by people with cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Nevertheless, the researchers noted that although the study has shown promising results, more study needs to take place in order to determine the right amount of compounds that may guard against type 2 diabetes.

The lead researcher stated, “We showed that the anthocyanins – compounds responsible for the red/blue color of berries and other fruits and vegetables – can improve the way we handle glucose and insulin and reduce inflammation, a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes.

These data suggest we should be eating more of these flavonoid-rich foods in our diet

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