Flat Stomach – 3 Secrets Revealed!

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Lose weight, feel years younger and have a killer flat stomach! Here are some of the ways to achieve it.

1: You might have heard or maybe you have even asked “What is the best move to target my lower abs”. This is called muscle isolation and if you are looking for stomach flattening exercises then you do not want to isolate your muscles. The best exercises to burn fat are moves that work out large groups of muscles all at once like squats, dead lifts and push-up rows. These kinds of moves will boost your metabolic rate and produce more growth hormones like testosterone.

2: Sleep is very important because when you workout you tear your muscles and then when you sleep they repair them build. If you do not get enough sleep they will not rebuild fully and the next time you workout you will tear muscles that are already ripped. This will cause you to lose muscle and if you are looking to burn fat then you need muscle.

3: Diet is also essential because you need to eat healthy nutritious foods to fuel your body through your workout. You also need to know what, when and how to eat to lose weight.


Exercising Will Burn More Calories

When you want to burn the calories, you need to exercise.  There are a lot of physical activities out there but you need to choose the one that will burn the most number of calories.

Aerobic exercises or cardio exercises burn the most number of calories.  Aerobic exercises refer to physical activities that need oxygen to be delivered to all the muscles in the body by way of blood and lungs.  Aerobic exercises doesn’t only help burn the calories, it also strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system as well as the whole body in the long run.

Here is a list of exercises that is sure to burn a higher number of calories.  Keep in mind that the figures are just estimates.  The actual calorie burned will not be the same for everyone and may depend on the intensity of the workout, weight and fitness level.  The number of calories on the list was estimated after one hour of exercising. Here is countdown of activities that burn the most calories ever :

10. High-impact aerobics = 500+ burned calories

9. Cross-country skiing = 500+ burned calories

8. Racquetball = 500+ burned calories

7. Backpacking = 500+ burned calories

6. Jogging at a speed of at least 5 mph = 500+ burned calories

5. Stair machine = 600+ burned calories

4. Jumping rope = 700+ burned calories

3. Tae Kwon Do = 700+ burned calories

2. Rollerblading = 900+ burned calories

1. Running at a speed of at least 15 km/h = 900+ burned calories

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