Fixing Beauty Blunders

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From home hair dye experiments gone wrong to brows that were plucked a tad too much, we’ve all experienced some sort of beauty blunder. Thankfully, the most common mistakes are fairly easy to fix — and I’m going to show you how.

1. Self-Tanner Overload

Did you go a little crazy with self-tanner on your face? If the color looks orange and unnatural, don’t fret — there’s a simple way to lessen the impact of your faux glow.

First, grab a gentle facial exfoliator and use it to slough off the outer layer of skin. This will help remove most of the color and neutralize the orange tones. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to even skin tone and regain a smooth complexion by applying a thin layer of your regular foundation, followed by a dusting of bronzer.

2. Hair Dye Catastrophe

Dying your hair at home is very simple now, but finding the right color can be an exercise in frustration. If you picked a gorgeous chocolate brown hue and your hair turned out anything but gorgeous, there are things you can do!

You know that 800 number on the side of the hair dye box? Consider that your hair dye helpline. If you’ve made a mistake, call that number and see what they recommend. You can also wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo several times to speed up fading and help some of the color come out.

Next time, remember to stick with a shade that’s two colors lighter or darker than your natural hue. For more dramatic results, skip the DIY routine and see a professional stylist.

3. Overplucked Brows

I have a tendency to get a little tweezer happy, so I’ve experienced overplucking one too many times… but luckily, there’s a quick fix if you pluck a little too much. Cover up any bald areas with an eyeshadow that’s just a tad lighter than your natural brow color. Then, grab a brow pencil that’s as close to your natural brow shade as possible and use short, quick strokes to fill in over the shadow. This will help define your brows and give them a more natural looking shape, even if you went crazy with the tweezers!

4. Eyeshadow Creases

Probably one of the most common beauty blunders, eyeshadow creases are also the easiest to fix. To fix, use a tissue to remove any remaining shadow residue from your lids. Then, apply a small amount of color again, using an eyeshadow brush to evenly distribute color and avoid putting on too much.

To prevent creases from happening next time, apply an eyeshadow primer or a thin coat of translucent powder to the lids before applying shadow. This will help “set” the eyeshadow and prevent those annoying creases.

5. Spider Lashes

Spider lashes are annoying, but they don’t have to be a constant battle. To fix spider lashes, run an eyelash comb through dry lashes to remove clumps and build up and separate lashes that are stuck together. To help prevent this from happening next time, remove any clumps from the mascara wand prior to applying product.

These are arguably some of the most common beauty blunders, but as you can see, they are all fairly simple to fix (and next time, you can possibly avoid these from happening to you)!

What are your tried-and-true methods for fixing beauty mistakes? I want to hear about them!

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