Five Undeniable Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Plato once said the unexamined life is one not worth living. Journaling is an essential part of that examination process. It can help you to reduce anxiety and depression and have more mastery over your own emotions. But the most important thing that journaling does for us is that it allows us to get to our values and our beliefs.

Most often, people were taught a value or belief growing up. These beliefs may be so automatic that you may not even be aware of them. But by journaling, we start to recognize thought patterns that cause us to behave in various ways.

So from there, you can question whether journaling is right for you, as sometimes we hold values and ideas that are counterproductive to our happiness. However, let’s find out what more  keeping a journal has to offer us other than that.

More Clear Thoughts

The first thing that journaling does for you is it helps I’ll clarify your thoughts and your feelings. Oftentimes when something happens to us, our thoughts are going a mile a minute. We have one thought, then another thought, then to another thought.

But worse of all,  most of the time you’re not even aware of that. Journaling helps you organize your thoughts in a much linear manner.

Journaling  Reduces Your Stres

Journaling is great for stress-reduction when you can write them down once you write something down. It gets out of your mind and goes away. As humans, we tend to keep thinking about a thought or an emotion on and on.

The problem is it will go on until it is punctuated. So writing it down makes you have the understanding of this process, and you can move forward with your life without being bogged down to memory lane.

Knowing Yourself

Know thyself. Probably the most well known saying in the whole western world. But did you ever think about what it means?

This activity helps you know yourself better. Because most of the time, we’re not aware of our thoughts and the ugly patterns we are setting ourselves for..Writing down in words that give you that objective process. Over time the more you do it, you’ll start to see patterns of thoughts you have.

Once you recognize those patterns, you can have more control and awareness of them. Other than that, it allows you to see who you are from an outsider perspective. Because most of our life we spend inside our heads. Journaling allows us to get out of that and examine ourselves through a new angle.

Journalings Allows You to Solve Problems More Effectively

Often, we want to solve an emotional problem with logic. But that is not how just it works. You may solve things like business and money matters with logic, but it is just not possible where it comes about emotions.

Those are two different parts of the brain. You could solve logic with logic, but with emotion, you need an emotional solution. That’s what journaling is as it lets you out how you feel allows you to have that emotional connection and yet the ability to examine it objectively.

It Lets You Become More Empathetic

It can help you solve disagreements with others. See, when you are angry with someone or trying to understand them, sometimes you won’t be able to make a connection instantly. See, there is nothing wrong with that because not everyone is an empath in nature.

But what journaling allows you is to understand what makes or drives that other person. This small thing can have a significant impact on understanding other people. Because being empathetic means more than just being an empath, it is the ability to relate to that other person.

When you keep a journal, you may able to pin the reason about why you are resisting that other person or what making him/her doing so.

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