Five Sleep Products for Better Athletic Performance

Sleep is one of the most ignored and overlooked training and workout routine that athletes often forget to include in their everyday schedule. It is as important as ice baths and heavyweight lifts and should be well planned and controlled especially when it comes to your sleep environment, bedding as well as routine.

Athletes would do just anything to peak their overall performance. However, most often think that sleep will not make a difference to their overall performance in the field. Nonetheless, for peak performance, adult athletes are often required to have 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, every single night.


Moreover, some athletes are trained to target up to 9-10 hours of sleep, daily. This is often under special different circumstances.

How Sleep Relates to an Athletes Performance

Sleep is essential for the top performance of any athlete regardless of the sport. This is because it can boost your muscle strength and help them recover as well as aid in your overall performance. However, lack of it can affect your entire health from physical to mental and in turn, minimize your performance level.

As an athlete, you need to have enough sleep in order to wake up rested and energized. The only way you can achieve this is by having uninterrupted sleep. Otherwise, your body will have to restart the whole sleep cycle.

A sleep cycle often constitutes two stages, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and non-REM. Therefore, for you to reap the benefits of a good night sleep, your body needs to cycle between these two stages multiple times without any disturbance. Any sleep disturbances will trigger your body to start the cycle, which is tiring, unhealthy and does not give you the needed rest.

The best solution to an uninterrupted all-night sleep is to invest in the appropriate sleeping products. You have to ensure they will work as guaranteed in reducing motion movement within your sleep environment.

Here are top five products you as an athlete can use to maximize your sleeping efforts.

  1. Mattress

For a proper comfortable sleep, you will need to invest in a quality mattress that can respond and adjust to your body’s needs without compromising on its usefulness and comfort level. This prevents any tosses and turns that may disrupt your sleep cycle.

You can invest in mattresses that can regulate your body temperature to a cool comfortable sleeping environment. You can also look for a mattress pad with same features. This will help your body recover very well after a thorough workout session.

To ensure, you have the best mattress, always buy from athlete brand companies, as they will know your perfect fit depending on your regular workouts and sport.

  1. Pillows

Pillows are essential for a well-rested night, especially for athletes. This is because they often control as well as position most of your upper body parts like the shoulders, neck, head, and spine.

Therefore, you will need the best when it comes to enhancing the comfort of your sleep environment. The best pillows often minimize constant tosses and turns and can really help you sleep throughout the night without turning it over for comfort.

You can always opt for pillows that have cooling and airflow features as well as stable supportive capabilities. There are also pillowcases that can ensure you sleep at the required optimal temperature. You just have to ensure that they are eco-friendly to avoid any detrimental side effects.

Besides, always go for pillow brands known to cater for athletes. Otherwise, you might not get what you need.

  1. Blackout Curtains

Light can also be a big issue when it comes to sleeping. This is because it can interrupt you sleep session, be it sunrays or streetlights. Besides, to sleep for the recommended hours, you will need total silence and darkness.

Although you can opt for a sleep mask, noise level might still be an issue. That is why blackout curtains are often the best choice for uninterrupted sleep session.

The best blackout curtains often prevent light intrusion for up to 99.99% to 100% total blackout depending on the make and model. Moreover, it can also muffle and reduce the noise level to a certain percentage, making it sweet and harmonious to the ear. It can also come in handy if you are one to sleep during the day.

You can always do some research on some of the best blackout curtains designed for minimal noise and zero light before buying. Besides, you should also consider your sleeping environment and general surrounding before opting for any blackout curtain.

  1. Sleep Mask

Sleep masks are also ideal for athletes who prefer to sleep during the day to maximize their peak performance. This is because it is very effective when it comes to blocking light at any given hour.

Moreover, you can always pair it with some decent earplugs so you do not get any sleep interruptions. Besides, sleep masks are highly portable, meaning you can carry them wherever and use them anywhere just to get that required sleep for optimal performance.

  1. Sleep Socks

Sleeping in socks can be uncomfortable at first but it is one of the most beneficial sleeping gears when it comes to temperature control and blood circulation. This is because it keeps your feet very warm and cozy, especially if you have poor body circulation.

The warmer your feet the better your body is at regulating its temperature. This prevents any wakes or disturbances in the middle of the night due to too much hotness or cold.

Moreover, you can always settle for muscle compression socks, designed to help with muscle recovery. These socks often recover your body muscles by improving your blood flow thus helping in the clearance of any lactic acid known to cause soreness.

You can always look for a pair at any athlete branded store.


Sleeping products designed for athletes often work best for them only. So, know your level of training and work out before purchasing any of these products, especially mattresses and pillows. As they are designed to function and strengthen your core muscles depending on how often or regular, you work out as well as your sports choice.

To get a better offer always do some research on different models of athlete branded products. This will give you an idea of what you are looking for and possibly the best fit for you, be it compression-sleeping socks or sleep pillows and mattresses.

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