Five Common Myths About Body Massage

Everybody loves getting a massage and feeling relaxed, stress-free and entering a blissful world of positivity and happiness. But there’re a lot of misconceptions about massage therapy that surround it that dispirits people. This often leads you to believe that massage may, in some way, be detrimental to your health and body because of which you may refuse to avail the benefits of massage therapy.

So here are five myths about body massage that are inaccurate but prevalent.

1. The Complication During Pregnancy

Now, this is one myth that will surely compel you to think twice about how beneficial massage may be without knowing that prenatal massage is recommended for to-be mothers. Misconceptions like massage may release hormones that may cause miscarriage shadow the fact that it helps the pregnant women to alleviate pain, release stress and anxiety, and to relax due to which the health of the to-be mother will be maintained, and this will, in turn, contribute to the health of the baby. Massage improves the blood circulation in the body which helps in the overall well being of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

2. Massage Can Help To Get Rid Of Cellulite

This is a well-known problem that arises especially in women. Cellulite can deter the appearance of the body, and many women take to massage therapy thinking that it’d make a difference. Cellulite is a sign subcutaneous fat cells which may be hereditary or due to diet and lifestyle. Exercise, dieting and changing lifestyle may help in reducing weight which may reduce the appearance of cellulite. Massage may help in relaxing the muscles, make the skin soft, improve blood circulation, etc. but it doesn’t contribute much to reduce cellulite.

3. All Massage Treatments Are The Same

This is untrue to a very high degree. Can a spa massage help a sports person? (Think about it). Massages are different for different fields. In the sports field, the massages are given to a sports person before the sports activity is to help them warm up and after the activity is to help their muscles relax so that they don’t get stiff. Spa massage is for stress and anxiety relief and for relaxing and calming a person. The oils and techniques used for different types of massage are different.

4. Massage Can Cause Cancer Cells To Spread

This phenomenon is scientifically nearly impossible as for the cells to spread the tumor will have to be smashed directly for any metastatic material to spread in that fashion. And if it were true then the same argument should be applied to physical activity and exercise as well right? But it is untrue; cancer doesn’t spread the cause of massage. As cancer patients go through such a gruesomely painful treatment, oncologist recommends massage for them so that they can calm down, release stress and tension and get rid of muscle sores if they get any.

5. The Effects Of Massage Are Only Temporary

You may feel that way after getting a massage, as the feel-good sensation goes away after a while, but is not an accurate analogy of its long and short-term effect on the body. Regular massage has long-term benefits of its own in mind and body. The therapist can re-train your muscles to take to the relaxed and comfortable position instead of stressed and uncomfortable ones. The regular massages have a direct impact on the mind as it releases stress and anxiety; therefore, you will be enabled to think and make decisions without tension and anxiety.

So the massage is a wonderful way of getting away from the stressful life that most people lead these days. These days hypertension, insomnia, etc. problems are prevalent, and for sportspersons, the competition is growing, and their performance output needs to be high, so under such conditions massage thereby becomes a must so that they can relax and work harder and better in future. It helps in the well being of pregnant women and other patients; it can make an insomniac person sleep. That is how effective massage therapy is. Therefore, believing in such misconceptions means losing out on something which is blissful, and beneficial for health.

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