Fitness Tips for Women on the Go

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I know how much you would like to keep fit, loose those unwanted extra pounds and live a healthy life, but sometimes other things, like being tied up at work for longer than 8 hours, family obligations, children in most mothers’ cases for example, get in the way of achieving this life long goals. Living a healthy and fit life does not need to stress you out unnecessarily, zero in on these tips:

  • Don’t pressure yourself – you’ve set a goal for yourself but don’t despair if you weren’t meeting them just yet, remember that weight loss does not happen over night. You need patience, perseverance, discipline and determination to get results.
  • Set attainable goals – I know you’d read it in the news everyday, people losing weight in such a short period of time you’d want to imitate them. But setting attainable goals will prove most effective so you’ll see immediate results. Pat yourself in the back when you lose 2 to 3 pounds in 2 months. As I’ve told you, it never was easy
  • Induce music into your daily routine – listen to fast music when you walk to your work or do home chores on weekends. The tempo will entice you to release more energy inspiring you to move and walk some more.
  • Schedule your work out and put it in your organizer – consider it your appointment with yourself and much like any of your appointments, arrive on time, stick to it, and be at your best.
  • Set aside some me time for some r & r – there is nothing more satisfying that completing a whole set of exercise routines or a series of yoga poses after having slept the whole 8 hours or having relaxed at a spa
  • Get support – join clubs or online support groups to help you and remind you of your weight loss and workout goals and principles
  • Live an active life – it could be a series of tennis matches with your buddies, or a yoga session with your husband or playing with your children. Just keep moving to keep those calories and fats burning. And walk, walk, walk, even for only a few minutes, take the stairs instead of the elevator from the building lobby to your office on the fifth floor.
  • Surround yourself with people and things you love – it will do well to motivate you to achieve your goals if you have a positive outlook in life and the world in general. It makes you feel invincible, like you can do anything you set your heart into
  • Include as much fresh vegetables and fruits into your diet – stay healthy inside out by munching on those greens and chomping on those fruits
  • Take vitamin e – not only it is a good food supplement but helps keep your heart in tip top shape too
  • Avoid processed and fast food; preservatives and salt, oil-ladden fast food
  • Create a routine and stick to it as much as you can. Will help you make out your chaotic schedules and harried mornings.


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