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Making fitness changes to your lifestyle and trying to adapt into someone who can maintain their fitness, is not something that can be achieved in over a day. You will soon come to see how fitness is a commitment and it is something that you need to be in with, for the entire long-term process. Whether your goal is to get fit, lose some weight, promote fat loss for muscle definition, fitness commitment makes sure that your results will be long term and sustained. It is never a quick fix. If you are exploring fitness for fat loss, read more about fat burners at, which could be another way to elevate your entire fitness and aesthetic game!

Read below all the reasons why you should implore fitness within your everyday lifestyle, and the methods of how you can go about it for the long haul.

It provides so much more than an aesthetic 

You heard us right. Health is more about how you look, what you consume and how much you can run or lift in the gym. It is a dynamic that adds value to your lifestyle and really heightens your quality of life overall. There are not many opportunities like this found anywhere else, and this is the most natural way of obtaining that huge benefit from opting for fitness as a lifestyle.

The quality of lifestyle that you gain from fitness will even have an impact on the way you bring yourself across at work. As you will have such a more positive outlook to how you see life, which is very infectious really, there is no doubt about that. Your psychological state will be much more tapped into a great wellbeing, and it is something that no one can ever take from you.

When you truly have that healthy lifestyle that everyone often talks about and craves these days, it is then that you will find pleasure in all the activity life will bring as you will have greater energy towards it all. For example, hiking, canoeing-even paddle boarding! You will be hiking Mount Everest in no time!

You lead by example

You heard this one right! You will be leading by example for your entire circle. All your achievements will inspire and cause individuals around you to seek their own control and command over their lifestyle. Especially if you have children, this huge change in your life will be bound to have a benefitting effect on their ideology as they grow. If you integrate fitness within then from their early days, fitness and health is all they ever know and want.

The British Heart Foundation believes that children should do at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. So, if you’re working out, get them to join your efforts and get active together. There are so many woodland hikes and walks that are great for both parents and children to participate together in, so make sure you go for it.

Moderation is long term and forever 

Fad diets and workouts are often something that can only be maintained over the long term. Why? Because they get you working at 100 miles per hour and it is not natural for you to invoke so much stress while you search for a fitter and better you. Lifestyle change is not something to be pushed hard and fast, it’s something that works slowly and efficiently; while you grow, all the physiological and psychological benefits hit in too. Your body adapts and you are far more tuned in by it that way. The body is not meant to be subjected to such stress and change from one diet to another. That plays with your natural hormone regulation, your appetite with food and attitude gets affected too. It is always better to start the right way, based on scientific principles.

When you build this attitude, you will then be able to have time off on vacation for example, for you to embrace the little treats of food, and no exercise-to be able to switch off completely. A healthy lifestyle stays with you, even if you have a couple of days off. It’s moderate and allows you to really enjoy what life has to bring to your doorstep, so open the door to it! Embrace it.


As you develop a better attitude and appreciation for your body, you will get to realise that consistency is far better than any extreme diet and workout that comes along your way. These hard-core diets and exercise burst for plans do not keep people for the long term, just a short-term period for quick weight loss, for a holiday abroad etc. As humans, we are not built for super strict guidelines when it comes to conducting our lifestyle. Overall such drastic change to change will really physically damage you but emotionally affect your self-esteem. Change takes time, put the work in and embrace life by the hands as it comes.

Do exercises that you enjoy 

What should people do who enjoy football as a sport? Play it of course! Football is a great way to engage with physical activity, but also engage with lots of people to play the sport. You can be a social bee alongside getting physically fit and active. The point here is, make sure you do sports that you actually love. Do not spend hours and hours upon end on the treadmill, if you do not like anything about running.

If you are more of a person who wants to get the exercise done with as fast as possible. Make sure to check out the efficient exercise regimes that High Intensity Interval Interval training brings. This kind of exercise gets you working harder for the entire 20-30 minutes of the work out. You work at your max and ultimately the oxygen after burn effect will conclude in you burning calories for up to 24 hours after the initial exercise. Your stamina will hit the roof too, it is insane!

Have patience to wait for the results 

As we mentioned before, the results will take time for you to achieve. Do not think they turn up as soon as you start, as usually it can take much longer-years in fact. If you are opting for weight loss, think of it as, it will take the exact same amount of time to lose what you gained over the years. So, embrace the slow changes of aesthetic, mood and lifestyle change it brings your way!

No competing or comparison 

Sure, you may turn up to the gym and see someone is hitting it hard at what they are doing, and you immediately feel not worthy through your comparisons, as you believe you need to be at that level or go home. This is wrong full stop. Why? Well, we all have different journeys to fulfil and each person starts at a different place when they want to integrate fitness as a lifestyle, so make sure to take all of that into consideration. No two people will ever be the same when it comes to achieving personal fitness goals. That is what is beautiful, we all have something to learn from one another.

See it this way, one person may enjoy doing Zumba to gain the physic and fitness they are after, another ,any life hard-core weightlifting and HIIT on the treadmill instead. We all have our own preferences of how to get active and stay loving it!

Be open to try new things 

Having an open mind will benefit you greatly because people who have more experience and the nutrition/fitness background will be able to provide knowledge that could improve the fitness lifestyle you are aiming for. Do not be closed minded when it comes to growth. Growth is the will to grow and learn from others that come along on your journey, so embrace it. We all have something to learn from everything that crosses our path. Your way may be great for you, yet it may be missing that final spice and take you from 75 to 95 for example. Nothing is perfect, but it is stepping out of your comfort zone that is very important for your self-development.


You picking to opt for a healthy lifestyle is a huge joy and something to celebrate. You have taken the best decision so far that will benefit your life together and ensure that your quality of life is at the best it can be. By opting to pick your health first is a huge commitment that is a journey with something new to learn every day. It will be the biggest investment you ever make for yourself and love that you can actually give your body. Make sure you see how amazing this step is and how far your body will take you places, just by loving it and giving it what you deserve. It is as simple as that. So, well done you!

Imagine who you will be in a couple of years ahead. Envision it, mindfully believe that you can get there, and go out and manifest it! Empower yourself, by having the courage to seek a better you. Many people find it scary to make such a huge commitment in themselves, yet think of it this way, if we do not blindly believe in who we are, who will?

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