Find Out How to Properly Track Your Fat Loss Progress

It is very simple to gain weight. However, when it comes to getting back to your normal self, it takes a lot of determination, motivation, and discipline. There are several ways to shed excess body fat. However, the most tried and tested method is to combine a proper diet with regular exercise routines. In many cases it is seen that people lose their determination to get rid of excess fat from their body due to lack of proper motivation. You will only get motivated if you keep a proper track of your weight loss through various means. How much weight you lose every week, what you eat day in and day out, and how your appearance changes over time are some sources of motivation for any person on a mission to lose weight.

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Ways to Track Your Diet Progress

Following a strict diet can do wonders for your overall health and weight management. But how will you keep a proper track of your health progress? This is a tough question many fail to answer the right way. Here are some easy yet effective ways to track your weight loss through a proper diet.

  1. Click A Photo: All you need to do is wear your bathing suit and stand in front of a full-size mirror. Use your smartphone to take a proper picture of your entire body. Your full body photographs should be front view and side views. This will give you a proper idea of how you look and what are the areas on your body you need to concentrate. Most of you may not like the picture you click of your entire body. There is nothing to worry about. Simply hide it from others. Just remember to take similar photographs of your body from time to time to track your regular diet progress.
  2. Take Proper Measurements: You will need a tape measure for this task. Next up, you need to measure different parts of your body such as your neck, shoulders, chest, bicep, hips, waist, and thigh. Make sure to cover the same area every time you measure your body. It is also important for you to note that you need to take such measurements every week in order to get an idea about how much or how fast your body can get rid of excess fat. However, do make sure not to take such measurements right after a workout. The best time would be in the morning.
  3. Take Regular Measurements Of Your Body Fat Percentage: If you are a bit tight on cash, then you may use a body fat caliper for such measurements. However, for a better and more accurate results, you may visit a Bod Pod Location in your town or purchase a scale that measures body fat. However, do remember that such measurements are not 100% accurate.

If you take proper track of your diet progress every week or every month, you will surely succeed in losing unwanted body fat. However, it is always suggested that you stay within your limits and do not go overboard in shedding excess weight beyond your capabilities.

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