Finally a Cure for Diabetics?

Diabetes is one disease that can change your lifestyle completely, makes life so limited and controlled, every time your stomach calls for food you will have to check a diet chart to balance it all properly. Ever thought of curing diabetes? There are ways, or course, to reverse diabetes by exercise and diet, something that is mostly unsuccessful but that is no reason why you should not contact your doctor and fitness trainer and get your diabetes reversed.

However, in this article we are going to talk about a simple method, a new scientific treatment that will cure diabetes by the use of your very own miraculous stem cell that comes from human sperm. This is basically for men but hopefully a stem cell from the egg might help for the women’s cause as well.

If this research goes good, then in future type 1 diabetes will have a cure. In type 1 diabetes, your own immune system of your body kills beta-islet cells of pancreas and thus you can no longer process glucose by using insulin. So far, to the credit of this research, diabetic mice have seen a progress of their blood sugar level when applied by this technique. For humans though, the cells have to produce enough insulin, so as to cure diabetes completely. Also, using the persons own cells can further help, as the body usually accepts own cells more than external cells. In case some foreign cells are used for this, then the immune-suppressing medications can be given, but still chances are that the body’s own defense might still attack, because it attacked those cells in the first place.

On the downsides, this does not seem a permanent solution so far, because the mice that were treated by these cells were diabetes-free for only a week. Also, a certain type of tumour – “teratoma” is created, but again it might not be an issue if the transplantation is not done too much. However, the biggest downside of this research is that it is only for men and not for women, at least for now.

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