Fertility Prowess in the New York Fertility Institute


Are you looking for an outstanding fertility center with experienced staff capable of giving quality services to serve your goals? New York fertility institute is the answer.  They offer progressive technology to suit the client’s goals. The fertility clinic in New York provides patients with a combination of modern advanced treatment and traditional fertility treatment for the full outcome. Traditional fertility treatment includes in-vitro fertilization and advanced current treatment like ovarian platelets, egg freezing, and mini IVF. Apart from fertility, the New York fertility institute offers the following services to its patients; egg and embryo freezing, artificial insemination, surrogacy, egg donation, IVF, IUI, genetic testing, endometriosis, gender selection, ovarian rejuvenation, and implant failure.


Surrogacy is the delivery of one’s baby by another woman when you are unable to become pregnant. In vitro fertilization and insemination are part of the surrogacy process. Factors leading to surrogacy are fibroids, heart defects, cancers, kidney disorders, preeclampsia, and patient’s desire. The medical team in the fertility institute performs embryo implantation placing the embryo in the surrogate’s uterus.

Gender selection

Gender selection is a form that allows a couple to choose the sex of their child rather than leaving the fate to unknown forces. Gender selection is essential in family balance, where the parent can break the monotony of having children of the same gender. Also, gender selection is necessary when trying to eradicate some weak genetics passed to a specific gender. A particular gender can be avoided if it tends to have recessive traits.

Egg and embryo freezing

Egg freezing is the storing of embryos at low temperatures to be melted and used later. Embryo freezing is done when there is an excess of embryos required from a single In-Vitro fertilization cycle. Extra embryos are stored for late cycles. The best candidates for embryo freezing are; couples undergoing IVF, and in the process, they have additional embryos, medical treatment like cancer treatment where chemotherapy is used, and medical challengers like cervical scarring. In the fertility institute, the healthiest egg is frozen using vitrification, which involves dehydration and fast cooling of the egg by dropping the temperature.

Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is the placing of sperm in the reproductive tract. There are two types of artificial insemination, namely intrauterine insemination and intracervical insemination. The process must be timed with ovulation. The sperms are placed in a syringe attached to a long tube. The tube is then passed through the vagina into the cervix, where the sperms are released for fertilization.

Egg donation

Egg donation is when another woman offers her eggs to assist another woman in having a baby. Egg donors are commonly relatives or close friends. The egg donated is frozen, warmed, fertilized, and then implanted into the uterus. Before egg donation, the donor goes through severe evaluation to determine the blood type and overall health. Generally, donors are expected to be between 18 to 35 years, nonsmokers, physically healthy personnel, and without hereditary genetic disorders. They should also be exempted from STDs.

Individuals with the above disorders should seek medication in the New York fertility institute.  Staff at the institute are devoted to providing quality services to their clients at a low cost. The clinic is open throughout the week from 8 am to 4 pm and closed on the weekends. You can book an online appointment to meet the doctor. The facility is located on the upper east side, New York.

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