Fashion Trend: Jewelry of Nature

sea shells

Flipping through fashion magazines you’ll notice a definite trend, jewelry made from materials of nature. We’re talking fancy, refined materials from stones, shells, and even fossils. Bold, artistic jewelry is in style and that leaves numerous options to express yourself through unconventional nature inspired designs.


A geode is a sedimentary rock (sometimes volcanic) where an air pocket formed during its development, which allowed crystals to occur within. When cut in half the crystals are exposed. When polished into a lovely pendent, whether a large portion of a geode half or a delicate slice of the rock formation, geodes make for a stunning statement.


The name “drusy” means “covered in crystals.” A drusy stone (sometimes spelled “druzy”) is a crystal formation that displays a lot of sparkle. Jewelry uses of this stone include the full range from necklaces, to earrings, to bracelets, to rings. The range of drusy possibilities is large since you can find it in natural form, colored, covered in titanium, or even as just a little hint of the crystal inside appearing from a portion of a colored stone.

Coral Fossils

Fossilized coral is gaining popularity among jewelry. With the coral pieces, you will find what appear to be stone cabochons with flower markings. These are actually little pieces of millions of years old coral that have been revealed within stone. The coloring is within the grays and browns but make for neutral accents to your apparel.

Baroque Pearls

Everyone knows that pearls are a classic. However, have you considered trying non-conventional pearls? They give that same lustrous glow and elegant appeal while making a bolder statement. What to look for? “Baroque Pearls” is the blanket label for unusually shaped pearls. To refine your search further you may look for the following:

Rice pearls are tiny, rice-shaped pearls.
Blister pearls are oddly shaped pearls that have a small round shape with a long point.
Biwa, or Stick pearls, are long, flat pearls.
Potato pearls come in a variety of sizes but are unique in being not perfectly round and sometimes being flatter on one side.

Also, don’t forget to try a variety of colors. The natural luster of pearls still shines through colored dyes while displaying much more personality than simple white. Some pearls are even naturally a different hue.


Jewelry embellished with shells is actually an ancient tradition. However, the particular styles that are popular right now focus on two types of shells: Mother of Pearl (oyster) and Abalone (also known as Paua). The inside layer is used to make those lovely iridescent adornments. Whether it’s an inlaid pattern, large chunky beads, or an accent to small silver charms, mother of pearl and abalone add a wondrous touch with the unique finish that catches the light.

If you are looking to update your wardrobe through the use of accessories, buying nature-inspired jewelry will do the trick. Look for pieces that express your own taste; as these materials are used across a broad range of designs, you are sure to find something that actually suits who you are while extending out to a material you may not have tried before. And if you already have jewelry of these materials (since a lot of these current styles are based off of retro designs) bring them out of the old jewelry box and proudly wear them again.

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