Family Camping Essentials: What Gear Should You Bring?


Now that the good weather arrives, it is your mind to take advantage of a weekend or one of the coming bridges and go with the camping family. To make it a fun camping experience and not all crazy today in our blog we want to give you some tips and tell you the essential things to take and have a good family camping trip.

Select the Proper Campsite

The most important choice you will make, and that will define how the camping adventure will go, is the place you select. Decide if it will be a campsite located on the mountain or one closer to the beach, it is important that this decision be agreed with the whole family so that everyone can enjoy the adventure.

After making the above decision, of course, select a camp with running water and fully conditioned bathrooms.

Make sure you get a reservation at the campsite as soon as possible, as soon as the trip is final, and don’t even think about going on an adventure hoping to find a free campsite.

You can usually make an online reservation at almost all campsites although there are some that do not make reservations and are only available on a first come first served basis. If that is the case, plan to arrive at your destination early enough to find a good place.

Essential Gear for Camping

In addition to the camping site, the best predictor of family camping success is the level of preparation. The Boy Scout motto of “Get Ready” really has a place in the camp world. Your basic camping gear for any outdoor experience should include at least the following:

  • First aid kit. If you don’t know what to include in it, you can buy a pre-made one from Amazon.
  • Tent with rain proof fabric and floor tarp.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • Camping stove and fuel.
  • Camping lantern.
  • Cookware for camping.
  • Bug repellent.

Stay Connected with Your Companions

There is no cell service on some backcountry campsites. In order to stay connected, you may need a some GPS tracker that work without a SIM card or Internet connection. AIBLUE recently launched a camping GPS tracker called GoFindMe GPS tracker. It is a real-time GPS tracker that works without cell service or monthly fee. Suitable for any outdoor activities, family tracking, pet tracking, etc. It allows you to send private text/voice message, GPS coordinates, and SOS when needed.

The device looks like a big USB stick that can also be attached to a strap, bag or necklace of a pet. Aiblue indicates that this device will work without a SIM card or cellular connection and that its connectivity extends up to 5 km.

The GoFindMe GPS Tracker battery should run for 72 hours without charge. The device will have an offline map, an off-network chat option (voice + message) and will not require a monthly subscription. It will also define a safe area for children and will have an SOS button for quick help.

The GoFindMe will be a very useful device when you go for an outdoor outing with your family and friends.

Food and Water

Needless to say, you should bring food and water. Also remember to bring some snacks for the trip, especially if your children are hungry, carry some juices and some tuna or ham sandwiches. Probably, you can find water source from the campsite. In most of the case, you don’t need to bring much water. A water filter is much easier to carry.

Stay dry

Nothing ruins the fun of a family camp more than getting wet. And the rain seems to be inevitable if you camp a lot. To keep dry, you must wear rain gear, waterproof shoes and keep the tent and sleeping bags dry.

Always place a tarp under the store, fold it to match the exact dimensions of the store. If a large part of the tarp looks out from the edge of the store, it will collect rainwater and channel it just below the store floor.

Make sure your store has been sealed for the last year or so. The seam sealer is available in most sports or outdoor stores and will make a big difference to keep the water out.

At night, keep all your sleeping bags in the middle of the store, without touching the walls. Condensation on store walls at night can wet sleeping bags, even without rain. Place the waterproof gear bags on the sides of the tent and the sleeping bags in the middle.

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