Exploring The Unique Qualities of Various CBD Products

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One reason that the cannabidiol (CBD) industry is thriving so much is because of the diversity of the product range. Unlike with many supplements, which are only available in one type, there is a wide range of CBD wholesale products, which users can harness to get more effective relief, depending on their ailment.

In this post, we will focus on the benefits offered by seven of the most popular CBD products out there. This is a great guide if you’re thinking about taking CBD, but have no idea where to start.


Tinctures are perhaps the most famous type of CBD product, having received an enormous amount of attention as the form of CBD used to treat children with intractable epileptic conditions. Regular CBD oil is the safest way to administer CBD, so that the benefits kick in with almost immediate effect.

Tinctures are available in strengths to suit CBD beginners and seasoned users, and are taken under the tongue. Sublingual absorption involves the CBD molecules being absorbed by blood vessels, directly into the bloodstream. Holding the oil for longer before swallowing will boost the effects.

Vape juices

Vaping is one of the only ways of taking CBD that rivals tinctures for speed of effects. The inhalation method means that the CBD passes into the bloodstream through the lungs – a process that takes just a few seconds.

Vaping is popular with those who enjoy consuming their CBD on the go, and especially with people who are fed up with the health risks of smoking – be it from tobacco or cannabis. This healthier, if not completely safe form of consumption is a great way of recreating smoking without so many harmful effects.


As the name suggests, concentrates are the strongest form of CBD that money can buy. This market consists of live resin, wax, shatter, crumble and the most potent of all, CBD crystals, which are often made up of more than 99 percent CBD.

The downside of capsules is that start-up costs are rather high, as you’ll need either a dabbing rig or compatible vaporizer to take them. However, given that are intended for use only by those who need super-strong and instant CBD relief, concentrates are a niche market – CBD users who need them will be more than happy to invest.


Now we move onto the tastiest type of CBD – edibles. There are few criticisms to be made of the therapeutic hemp plant, but one that pops up often is the hempy taste, which many find to be earthy and horrible. Edibles are a great way to mask these, and people can get their hands on infused gummies, honey sticks, lollipops, cakes and more.

Edibles have a practical purpose, too. As the cannabinoids in these products are absorbed into the blood through the stomach, the effects kick in slowly and steadily. The delay means edibles are not ideal for dealing with acute symptoms, but they are perfect for managing chronic pain issues, insomnia, and even inflammation.


Need a discreet CBD product, or simply one that is easy to take? Then you may want to look at syrups, the vast majority of which can be used with both hot and cold beverages. You can mix the CBD into your beverage of choice, and then either consume the whole drink in one go, or take it gradually to really stretch out the effects. This is a really discreet CBD product, and perfect if you want to take CBD at work without anybody else knowing!


CBD topicals are the only CBD products that specialize in managing skin conditions and boosting overall skin quality. Creams and salves have become the unexpected heroes of the hemp-based CBD market – nobody really appreciated that a cannabis-derived product could help with the skin, until the endocannabinoid system (ECS) was found to be present in the skin.

Rubbing an infused salve from CBDistillery into the skin can help to ease symptoms of psoriasis and acne, reduce the effects of extrinsic aging, treat infections and even ease pain.


We’ve talked a lot about how CBD is being used as a medicine, but it can also simply be taken as a supplement, as it offers plenty of regulating benefits for the ECS. Supplements are generally consumed in capsule form, as this is a way of guaranteeing that you take the same amount each and every day. The CBD market is full of CBD capsules of various strengths.


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