Experience Redefined Body Healing Using Ozone Therapy

why staying fit is important

Everyone desires a robust immune system that will kick in when feeling sick. You could also desire faster healing times when you have an injury.  Get ozone therapy in Salt Lake City and watch your desires come true; as with the therapy, you can enjoy a stronger immune system and faster healing times whenever you have an injury. Jake Schmutz, NMD is the lead doctor at Integrative Medica and, together with his team, will provide you with the procedure.

How is ozone therapy beneficial to you?

As the name suggests, the treatment uses ozone gas to help you solve various medical issues. Once you receive the treatment into your tissues, it sparks multiple reactions that are beneficial to you. For example, once the medicine reaches your body tissues, it limits the growths of viruses, yeasts, toxins, and bacteria to make you feel rejuvenated and ready to accomplish many things. You should also let go of any reservations you have of the treatment, as it has existed since the 17th century.

What medical issues can you get sorted with an ozone treatment?

Integrative Medica has the right diagnostic tools to help determine whether you are fit for the treatment. However, if you have the following issues, you can benefit from ozone treatment:

  •         Asthma
  •         Circulatory problems
  •         Rheumatic arthritis
  •         Atherosclerosis
  •         Lyme disease
  •         Multiple sclerosis
  •         Neurological problems
  •         Some infectious problems

The treatment can also help deal with the following:

  •         Reducing your blood pressure
  •         Cancer treatment
  •         Headaches
  •         Kidney issues
  •         Pancreatitis
  •         Infertility

What is so rewarding about ozone therapy

Ozone therapy differs from many treatments due to its natural nature, as it does not involve additional chemicals. You can have the procedure if you do not prefer a deeply invasive surgery, especially if you have some underlying health issues. Another benefit of the treatment is its ability to combine with other treatments to offer you better results. For instance, your doctor can combine the treatment with ultraviolet blood irradiation to achieve almost perfect results.

What should you look forward to during ozone treatment?

Integrative Medica will provide you with the dos and don’ts before the procedure. You will also have a chance to provide your doctor with your medical history and give brief explanations of your medical goals. After the verbal exchange, your doctor can recommend an x-ray or an imaging procedure that will confirm you are the right candidate for an ozone procedure.

During the treatment’s initialization, your doctor will numb various parts that will receive the treatment to guarantee your comfort before giving you the treatment. The procedure itself is painless and has little to no side effects depending on your body type.

What to expect after an ozone treatment

As expected, you will begin to notice the advantages of this treatment as some of your medical issues will start to dissipate. However, you might need a series of treatments to benefit fully.

Have your medical desires accomplished with an ozone procedure from Integrative Medica. You will receive the best care and follow-ups that guarantee the elimination of some of your medical issues. Begin your journey to natural healing by calling or booking your appointment online.

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