Exercises to Achieve a Toned Body


We might already wrote on this last week, but there is always something new to add. Body toning combines exercise, fitness and nutrition together to form the body more sculpted and toned. It will help to firm up difficult areas and give your body an overall toned look. Elements of body toning are fat reduction, cellulite removal, tightening up of the skin, muscle shaping, inch loss, a change in the composition of the body, a decrease in body fat, body shaping and lessening flab.

Exercises for body toning vary, but most of these will use gravity, body weight and bio-mechanics to sculpt and shape the body into the form that is desired. Here are suggestions to get a toned body that specifically target your legs, butt, thighs and abs.

Legs – Jogging is often recommended, however, a brisk walk can be just as effective over time.  Step ups and climbing stairs help tone your body.

Butt – Nothing is probably better than doing squats to tone body glutes.  Adding some weights while doing squats is even more beneficial.

Thighs – Lunges, leg raises, and squats again.  You can stand up, holding on to a chair, and raise first the right and then the left leg out to the side of your body.  Try to hold it there for a few seconds.

Abs – You can also tone body areas and tighten up those stomach muscles by lying on the floor, and raising both legs, or one at a time, holding for a few seconds and repeat.

Anyone can achieve and have a toned body. It is much more than just an appearance thing; it will make you feel better and healthier too.


Exercises to Help Lose Arm Fat

Do the following exercises properly and regularly and you shall see your question being answered.


Distance your feet at shoulder width and stand straight with dumbbells in hands (palms facing your thighs). As if you were shrugging, contract your back muscles and lift up your shoulders. Slowly lower your shoulders and repeat the exercise. You will sense the upshot of the exercise on your shoulders as well as your wing tips.

Bicep curls

Sit on the edge of a bench, keeping your feet flat on the floor, about a foot apart. Place the elbow on the right knee holding the dumbbell in your right hand. You have to curl the dumbbell upwards and then slowly lower it back. Repeat 8-12 times and then do it again with the other arm.

Triceps Dumbbell Extension

Take the dumbbell in your left hand and stand straight. After stretching the left hand straight upwards in a manner that the dumbbell is now over your head, bring it down slowly behind the head. Remain in this position for some seconds. Then slowly, raise the dumbbell again to the original position. It is better if you perform 3 – 4 sets with 10 repetitions by inter changing the hands.

Dumbbell Fly

This can be done by standing or by reclining back on a bench. Hold the dumbbells in your hands with the palms facing each other straight up ahead with the elbows touching at first, at shoulder level. Now slightly bend them at the elbows. Then slowly open and close your arms like a bird spreading its wings wide and then closing it again for flying. Bring back your hands and body to the original position and repeat the exercise.

Skull Crusher

A barbell is required for this exercise. Lie down on a flat bench and lift the barbell in a manner that they are at parallel to your shoulders. You should keep your arms extended at first. Now, start bending your elbows so that your forearms would come near your forehead. Do not to let the barbell reach your forehead. Then, straighten your arms again at 90 degrees to your torso and repeat this exercise.

Push Ups

Are the best arm exercises for losing arm fat. You should aim for at least 12 to 15 push ups per day. You can increase the number of push ups each week taking into consideration your stamina. Lie on your stomach. Keep a shoulder width distance between your legs. With tightened abdominal muscles, you should push up your body with the help of your arms and shoulders. Your back should be straight and your neck and back should align with each other. Look straight ahead. Now lower your body slowly but your chest and torso should not touch the floor. Then, slowly raise your body again. You are expected to balance your weight on your arms and toes and you are not supposed to keep your knees on the floor. With practice you will be able to do it easily.

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