Exercise Bike Workout Plans From Beginners To HIIT

An exercise bike is not only deemed as a perfect equipment for its convenience and ease of use; it’s also noted for its exceeding flexibility. It can work your lower extremities in a variety yet important set of ways — from beginners’ type, moderate, and right down to its ability to incorporate HIIT (high-intensity interval training). All of these can be attained right in the confines of your home that will only take a considerable little space. Ultimately, an exercise bike workout won’t only help you lose some pounds but should, in no time, beef up that much-needed endurance in your cardiovascular system.

Today, we’ll provide you just about the essential things to perform while you’re strap in your exercise bike. Whether you’ve just begun or you’re on your way to reaping the benefits from your HIIT efforts, this workout plan is for everyone who is now enamored with the greatness of an exercise bike.

Tip: Right before you start doing these exercises, make certain that you consult them first with your doctor. This goes especially crucial for seniors who intend to use an exercise bike.

Beginner’s exercise bike workout

1.)    For 5 minutes, begin warming up at a suitable pace. Perform this as you maintain a low resistance.

2.)    (3 minutes)Next, hype up your strength in 1 – 4 increments ( or right until you are conducting it harder than your usual warm-up regimen). Ensure that “work” is under way and that you can initiate or keep up a conversation with someone. This should now be treated as your “baseline pace.”

3.)    (2 minutes) Beef up the resistance or speed you’re working on again. Ensure that a slight effort is felt on the baseline you’re currently working on.

4.)    (3 minutes)Lower the resistance (pace) right back to your original baseline.

5.)    (2 minutes) Boost your resistance yet again right until you work an inch harder than that of your baseline.

6.)    (5 minutes) Lower your resistance (pace) right down to a level that should now be comfortable for you to cool down.

Moderate intensity exercise bike workout

1.)    For 5 minutes, begin warming up at an intensity that is light and slightly moderate.

2.)   Begin exercising at approximately 60 – 75  percent of your maximum heart rate right before your warm up. To look into this accurately, utilize the heart rate sensors that are usually situated on your bike’s handle bars. If your bike doesn’t have this feature, you may also make use of a fitness band.

To do this, simply subtract your age (in years) from 220 to ascertain your maximum heart rate. Then, multiply the result by sixty and seventy-five percent.

3.)    For ten to twenty minutes, you can start cycling that is relative to your fitness level. Do this step for at least 60 minutes. It’s suggested that you increase your time on a weekly basis. Perform this for 3 – 5 days a week.

4.)    Start lowering your heart rate by cooling down for 5 minutes.

High-Intensity Intervals exercise bike workout

1.)    Begin warming up for 5 minutes.

2.)    Using the maximum intensity that you could muster, cycle for at least twenty seconds. Don’t attempt to look into your heart rate as the accompanying intervals may be too fast for you even to read the result. Meanwhile, it’s strongly encouraged that you only exercise below your maximum heart rate.

3.)    With low intensity now, cycle for at least 10 seconds. Officially, this should complete a round of this high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

4.)    After a round, perform this for another seven rounds. Ensure that you alternate each round with twenty seconds of HIIT and ten seconds of a recovery period.

5.)    Lower your heart rate by cooling down for 5 minutes.

Final thoughts

Flexibility is by far the most hallmark feature of an exercise bike. Apart from its proven benefits to your general well-being and cardiovascular needs along with its noted ease and convenience, the equipment can also be used by people of all ages: from young people, adults, and even seniors. Best of all, the bike itself can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the level your body can and should perform.

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