Exciting Excavations – 4 Heavy Duty DIY Home Improvements


Your home should be a space that is both comfortable and functional for you and your family. Over time, your needs will change, your interests might change and you may consider making some major home improvements. Making drastic changes to your property can be a daunting prospect but the result is always worth the effort as you can increase the value of your property and add some real curb appeal to your home.

Major home improvements, like building a pool, require an initial investment in both money and time but add huge value in the end. These types of heavy duty improvements can be highly labour intensive and you will need to call in the professionals to get the job done right A good contractor will not only have an experienced team in place but they will have heavy duty machinery like the powerful Kubota excavator that help to get the job done quickly. With a professional handling your major home renovations, you will have minimum disruption to your day-to-day and your home will be back to normal in no time with your renovations complete, ready for you to enjoy.

Let’s take a look at just a few heavy-duty DIY home improvements to consider for your property.

Put In A New Garden

Turning your backyard into a thriving, vibrant spectacular new garden, can help to raise the value of your property and give you a beautiful space to enjoy. However, to truly transform your space takes time and it’s important that you put a plan in place before you start. Prior to planting anything, you will need to prepare the space, clear any debris and make sure that the soil is primed and ready for planting. Once you have the ground prepared, you can start digging beds, creating beautiful spaces for you to relax in, set out space for a vegetable garden and make plans for anything else you want to include in your new garden. Seek out inspiration and let your creativity flourish.

Install A Swimming Pool

With the hot Australian summers, installing a pool is something that many homeowners dream about. While you could install an above ground pool, for a more permanent streamlined solution that will look great in your outdoor space, a below ground pool is a much better option. While there is more work involved in excavating the space and putting the plumbing in place, the result will be a pool that fits seamlessly with its surroundings. A pool can be a real feature of a property and will make your property much more attractive potential buyers should you decide to sell in the future. And in the meantime, you and your family and friends can enjoy days lounging by your new pool.

Consider An Extension

One of the most common major home improvements is adding extra space to your existing structure. This is a great way to add more room as the needs of your family grows and it can add a lot of extra value to your property as a bigger house with more space is always worth more on the property market. Depending on your property you may have some work to do on the outside first with laying foundations and preparing the area for construction. You need to make sure that any extension you are building is built on level ground and is supported properly before you start the construction. Once your foundations are in place, it won’t be long til the contractor has the walls in place and before you know it, you will be painting and decorating your new room.

Build A Deck

There’s nothing like coming home after a busy day and sitting out on your deck with your family. In the summer months, you can break out the barbeque and have great fun with your friends and family. A deck is definitely an attractive feature in any Australian home. If you’re considering installing a deck, you should take the time to do it properly and build a deck that will stand the test of time and stand up to being used regularly. To avoid your deck collapsing unexpectedly someday, be sure to take the time to plan the construction properly and put proper foundations in place before you begin.

Heavy Hitting Home Improvements

When it comes to adding value to your home there are a lot of different things that you can do. Whether you make big or small home improvements, it’s important to change and update your home over time to ensure that it meets the needs of you and your family. With the right improvements, you can increase the worth of your home, improve the overall aesthetic of your home and, ultimately, make it a place that you and your family can truly feel at home.

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