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Every accident victim should seek medical attention in not more than two weeks. At American Interventional Pain Institute, Dr. Bart Gatz, MD, handles every patient with care, offering comprehensive and quality pain management services. Dr. Bart is a board-certified pain management physician, who is also licensed to practice EMC in Greenacres, ensuring that patients qualify for optimal insurance benefits.

Aside from EMC, Dr. Bart can also help with treatment procedures for faster healing after an accident. The environment at the facility is comfortable and patients will feel relaxed throughout any procedure. Patients can request an appointment through mobile or booking online.

What is an EMC?

EMC is an acronym representing ‘emergency medical condition.’ The Florida Statue Title XXXVII, Chapter 627, explains EMC as the immediate need for medical attention, without which one could suffer extensive or fatal repercussions.

Even though most accidents result in minor injuries, others might have possible long-term effects on the body. In some instances, the immediate trauma following an accident can become a life-threatening condition if you do not seek urgent medical care.

An accident victim can become psychologically, physically, or even emotionally traumatic. If  the physical impact did not cause much damage, people often overlook the physical trauma after being distracted by the shock and resulting adrenaline release.

Why Should Accident Victims Seek Immediate Care?

Vehicle accident victims should seek urgent medical care if they sustain any form of head injury, lose consciousness, or experience even the slightest of sensory pain or disturbance, no matter how minor it might seem. Neck injuries, internal bleeding, brain injuries, or concussions might only have minor symptoms at first. So, it is recommended to see a doctor for examination.

Some injuries might first appear minor but slowly escalate in the days to follow.  Some of the most common symptoms people experience after vehicle accidents, that might require examination and possible treatment, are back pain, numbness, and abdominal pain. Victims might also experience headaches, post-traumatic stress disorder, neck or shoulder pain, mobility issues, and shoulder or neck stiffness.

Numerous possibilities might be causing accident victims to experience such symptoms. For example, you might have a blood clot in the brain or a hidden neck injury that is getting worse with time. Whiplash is a common injury sustained during auto accidents and is one of those conditions that can become chronic if not treated immediately. Another prevalent symptom is back pain, which can be caused by the spinal cord, nerve, or vertebrae damage.

How to Schedule an EMC Examination After an Accident?

The medical practitioners at the facility can recommend you for the EMC evaluation. Dr. Bart is an EMC-licensed provider with years of experience in comprehensive exams and evaluation tests. The most common candidates for this service are slip and fall, or auto accident victims.

To sum up, it is vital to seek urgent medical care after an accident, usually within two weeks. Those minor injuries can quickly turn out chronic if not treated. If you are an accident victim or would like to learn more about the EMC service, call or go online to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bart at American Interventional Pain Institute.

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