Excellent Guide On Water Crisis And Ways to Test Drinking Water at Home

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Water consists of more than 60% weight of human body and about 95% of brain. You require it for living, and probably, you end up consuming about 2-3 liters water per day. Therefore, being such an important part of our lives, it’s important to ensure that quality of water we drink is as per the standard requirement.

Water Crisis Around the Globe

With the present water crisis in the USA, most of the people are wondering about how they can check for water quality i.e. if the water they drink is tainted with bacteria, lead or any other contaminations.

Therefore, now people residing in the United States have been asked to use filtered and bottled water only for foreseeable future till issues get resolved. If you are not sure about how much of minerals your drinking water should contain, try researching online.

Though most of the cities in United States are not facing any water issues to this extent, the probability of water being polluted is a real threat. The mean U.S. household of five people makes use of 350 gallons of water daily for bathing, washing clothes and drinking.

Prospective Solutions

As per the Environmental Protection Agency, the decay of plumbing material at home often leads to contamination of drinking water. If a house was constructed prior to 1980, it’s a great idea to look out the plumbing and pipes for excessive decay.

Though most of the water systems test for lead pollutants, however sometimes even the best one cannot reflect the condition of a particular home. Therefore, it is suggested that you choose wisely, after a thorough research.

Since the pollutants which make people sick are often colorless and tasteless, the EPA suggests various strategies for homeowners- first one of which is buying a water analysis kit, which you can easily buy on internet or can get it from a local water supplier.

Quite often, various health departments offer to come and test a household’s water supply for contaminants and bacteria, if requested, as mentioned by WRDW. However, if people opt to test water themselves with personal kit, they have option of sending the results to nearby certified lab.

Choice Of A Water Test Kit

If you are looking for a right water test kit, there are two choices available to you based on your requirement : first one is for occasionally users, which is simply the tip of Dip-Wait-Read test strips and other one is for those carrying out water tests on daily basis, these precise and practical digital water tests are ideal.

  • All in One Water Testing Kit

This kit is helpful in testing around 13 contaminations often found in water. It is used for testing Pesticides, Lead, Bacteria, Nitrites, Nitrates, pH, hardness and Chlorine.

  • Single Pollutant Water Test Kit

It helps in identifying the levels of single pollutant in water with quick results. You can test pH, alkalinity, or hardness etc. in water.

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