Everything You Need to Know About Anabolic Steroids for Sale


What are Anabolic Steroids?

To gain lean body mass (LBM), people resort to the consumption of anabolic steroids. These substances are enhancers which contain testosterone, a hormone usually present in the testes of males and ovaries of females. They have been formulated in such a way that they help in building body tissues and the impact on the male characteristics is minimised. This particular drug is not an official drug which should be used for HIV patients but due to its potential to reverse LMB problems and also increase the appetite, it is often used by medical practitioners. It has been banned from the sports sector or moreover, for the general public due to its harmful effects. It is also used to treat problems of anaemia and other diseases related to the already established symptoms. They are used by the athletes as a measure of unfair means. Hence, to allow clean and fair competition to exist in the field of sports, steroids are not recommended.

Is it Safe for Women and Children?

Anabolic Steroids are used by men, most of the times due to its ability to enhance the male characteristics. But not all anabolic steroids do that as some of them may be simply used to work on the growth hormone and the oral anabolic steroid oxandrolone. They can be used on women and children suffering from diseases like HIV which affect growth and causes LBM. They should be used under professional guidance of a doctor. These drugs are expensive and thus need a lot of money for their procurement. People from lower or middle strata of the family group may not be able to use it because of the cost. They do not receive any assistance from the government as well because it is not in the list of medicines approved by the ADAP or the AIDS Drug Assistance Programme.

Side Effects of the Drug:

Usage of injectable Anabolic Steroids affect health devastatingly as they can cause liver malfunctions and ruin the person’s physical health conditions. Other side effects which occur due to its usage is severe acne and growth of facial hair for women. They also reduce the size of testicles and cause hair loss. It affects the ability of our body to retain water and at the same time causes mood swings.

Different Types of Anabolical Steroids:


  1. Testosterone – a hormone which is found in both males and females, it is available in two different kinds of injectable form; testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. They help in regulating and stabilizing the blood level of testosterone for a couple of days at a stretch. These injectable substances are necessary for the concerned person because it enables the cycle of testosterone to occur every week rather than multiple times in a day. It takes a lot of time to enter the body and start functioning. These two variants are available in bottles of 100 mgs or 200 mgs. It has been proved that they function best on those people who use this drug and exercise daily. It helps in boosting the characteristics it comes with.
  2. Nandrolone Decanoate – one of the best kind of anabolic steroids available for men in the market is nandrolone decanoate. Minimum amount of side effects can be inflicted upon men because of this steroid. This does not cause hair fall and inflammation of the prostates. These injection are supposed to be taken on a weekly basis and is cheaper than the substitute Deca Durabolin. It has been proved in a study that for this particular substance to affect, no specific heavy lifting training is required.

Oral Anabolic Steroids

  1. Stanozolol – It is one of the most effective steroid on men and women trying to gain LBM. They function better than the other oral anabolical steroids and are comparatively cheap too. A small amount of 6 to 12 mg of consumption of this drug helps in gaining the lost body mass but if combined with the injectable steroids, it functions much more efficiently and quickly. Due to its components which has comparatively minimal amount of androgen, it does not have serious side effects on women and men.
  2. Oxandrolone – One of the safest anabolic steroid available in the market, it has the least amount of harmful variants usually available in testosterones. It is medically acclaimed for its ability to treat HIV patients and all those patients dealing with weight loss problem. Unlike other steroids, they do not harm the liver and thus can be used on children too. They have been used on all age groups and genders and have not been harmful in a fatal way. They were some reports which mentioned liver problems after they started consuming oxandrolone but it disappeared once they stop consuming this drug. One major flaw is that it is quite expensive and thus not affordable by all.
  3. Oxymetholone – Often referred as the gorilla steroid by the body builders, it is one drug which was reintroduced in the market. The usual component of this chemical is not heavy as the new one and is 3 times the dose to what a body builder usually consumes. But, it has not shown any side effect. In fact, it gave great results even when the patients consumed it without any heavy lifting training. They were kept under consideration for a longer time than it is required and thus it has passed the result. It had no negative effects on men and women suffering from HIV and they also gained weight. Approximately 14.5% of body mass gain was due to this steroid.

The Correct Nutrition:

High protein diet helps to accelerate the process of gaining lean body mass. Along with steroids, they offer appropriate amount of nutrients to the body. Resistant weight training and hyper calorific diet helps the patient in maintaining the body mass. Strict resemblance to such dietary and physical nourishment have enabled people to gain weight up to 15 pounds. Whey protein is the most affective since they increase the tissue glutathione level which is absent in all other protein sources.

Weight Training:

Resistance weight training affect the muscles faster and thus is the best way to gain them. People should follow a set of 3 with 8 to 12 repetitions for each part of the body. Barbell flat bench press, abdominal crunches, bicep curls, push ups, curls and cable front pull downs are the most popular set of exercises which should be followed.

Thus, along with the consumption of anabolic steroids proper diet needs to be followed. Resistance weight training allows an individual to gain weight and muscles faster than before and thus should be followed strictly with diet.

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