Etihad Airways Suggests What Foods To Avoid Before The Flight

Most of us have a habit to grab a quick snack before flying. However, you should be careful with what you eat before boarding the flight. In the top airlines like Etihad Airways, you will find plenty of tasty and delicious items. Hence, there is no reason to snack before the flight, as the known travel coupons blog suggests. However, in case you are feeling hungry, you should avoid these foods:

1. Beans: Vegetables like broccoli and beans should be avoided before taking the flight. It is a well-known fact that beans can cause gas and that is the last thing which you will want while flying. It is going to be an extremely uncomfortable journey for you and your co passengers as well.

2. Apples: Apples are extremely healthy. You should have it on a regular basis. But definitely not on the day when you have a flight to catch. The fiber present in the apple makes it very difficult to digest and can result in bloating and gas.

3. Soft Drinks: Carbonated soft drinks are extremely unhealthy. Actually, you should try to avoid it completely. However, if that is not possible, at least avoid it on the day of your flight. The caffeine present inside them will prevent you from taking a quick nap. It will also force you to frequently visit the washroom, which can be extremely annoying for both you and the person next to you. And in some cases, soft drinks can also result in heartburn. Coffee also won’t allow you to sleep. Apart from that, you should also avoid orange juice because it’s very acidic. And because of the high Vitamin C content, it may also force you to visit the washroom frequently.

4. Mc Donald’s Meal: At the airport terminals, you will find plenty of fast food joints like McDonald’s serving burgers, fries, and other tasty snacks. It will be very tempting to buy a Happy Meal, but you should try to resist the temptation. It takes a lot of time to digest a burger. And digesting it on 30000 feet will take even longer. If it is not properly digested, you will feel uncomfortable throughout the entire journey. French Fries also contains a lot of fat and oil and can cause heartburn. Apart from that, since it is high in salt and trans fat, it can cause fluid retention, which may result in feet swelling.

5. Gums: Most people prefer to have a chewing gum before their flight because it prevents the ears from popping and it also results in a good breath. However, when you chew a gum, you allow air to enter inside your body, which can result in bloating and gas. In case you are worried about having a bad breath, then you take mint as well.

6. Alcohol: Having a glass or two of alcohol is a pre-flight ritual for many people. For people who are afraid of flying, alcohol also helps to get rid of the fear. Alcohol may help passengers get asleep, too. However, it should be avoided because it causes dehydration. And if drinking alcohol is an absolute must for you, then don’t consume more than one glass. And drink lots of water to negate the bad effects of alcohol.

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