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The ethnic background of every individual has a feature exclusive to them. These features could include several characteristics common to every nationality, or culture. People with thin lips want them enlarged. Some people with culturally defining eyes want to have them reshaped.

People who have noses that define their culture might want them cosmetically changed, as preferences differ. Having rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures among African Americans. The nose and the lips are typically larger in African Americans than any other ethnic group, and many are having their noses augmented, or changed with African American Rhinoplasty.

African Americans and Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty is when surgery changes the size or shape of the nose because the patient isn’t happy with the nose they were born with. Some people also have it to repair an injury or to correct a breathing problem.

The nose sits directly in the middle of the face and can give the face an imbalanced appearance if it is too large.

Many African Americans want their noses smaller which will give it a perkier look. Many Black actresses, actors, singers, and other performers have had this surgery done as an improvement to their original feature. After becoming famous, having a nose job is synonymous to success. Although African Americans embrace their cultural background, one should not consider rhinoplasty as a way of removing oneself from the ethnicity they are proud of.

Reasons for Rhinoplasty

An African American may have rhinoplasty to have a more flattering look while keeping the natural ethnic feature of the face. The noses on most African Americans are, in general, wide and flat. Sometimes, patients request their nose be smaller.

The average person has this surgery knowing that changing the nose will not change who they are, just how they feel about themselves.

Sometimes after an injury, alteration of the nose occurs depending on severity. Having Ethnic Rhinoplasty will allow the patient an opportunity to get a reshaped, smaller nose without query. Many of Dr. Jason I. Altman’s patients are in awe of their new features.

What to Expect from Rhinoplasty

Dr. Jason I. Altman is a Rhinoplasty Specialist at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, and he wants to give you your desired look by redefining the contour of the nose. He can:

  • offer great results without leaving patients with a plastic surgery look
  • add some height to a flat nose
  • decrease, or increase the overall size of the nose
  • narrow the width and base of the nose
  • remove unsightly bumps in the nose

Other procedures include improving the projection of the nose, refining the tip of the nose, and changing the angle between the upper lip and the nose.

These are only a few of the procedures that rhinoplasty can fix. Dr. Altman customizes each procedure to suit the individual need. The nose of African Americans has two unique qualities. First, they usually have a lower and smaller nasal bridge. This is the bony part of the nose at the upper area. He can augment the nasal bridge to be in proportion with the rest of the face. Second, the base of the nose is typically wider, or flare out more.

How Rhinoplasty Surgery is Done

If rhinoplasty is a consideration, the first thing to do is have a consultation with Dr. Altman. He will explain the procedure and answer questions you may have. He will learn more about the patient history, evaluate the nose, and what effect it has on facial appearance.

This will help determine if the patient is a good candidate for rhinoplasty. The rhinoplasty begins with several incisions inside the nose and cartilage to the nose’s bony support system. Dr. Altman would mark the unwanted deformity for reshaping, then the cartilage and bone so they can be added to, or rearranged to give a new shape to the nose.

After they achieve the desired shape, they place splints in the nose that allows breathing. The recovery time is from seven to ten weeks depending on the patient because each one is different, and time may vary, but one can resume normal daily activities after a few days.

Dr. Jason I. Altman is a board-certified expert and rhinoplasty surgeon in Miami, FL. He can answer questions pertaining to African American rhinoplasty. His expertise at refining the nose is an art appreciated by African Americans and other cultural groups. His service provides a means of flattery for many who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose. The rhinoplasty guarantees a better, improved look without the possibility of breathing difficulty. Patients will have a renewed sense of self-confidence after their rhinoplasty surgical procedure. You may be a perfect candidate for rhinoplasty. Call the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami today to see if this is right for you.

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