Ethical Eating: 6 Benefits of Switching to a Vegan Diet

Many people choose to nourish their own bodies with a vegan or plant-based diet because it reduces the exploitation of animals who are raised to be food. It also reduces the amount of violent animal slaughter that is necessary to provide meat. Whether your goal is to save animals, support ethical food production, or avoid the tummy troubles associated with dairy, there are myriad benefits to switching to a vegan diet. Here are our top six:

1. Vegan Milk Options Are More Friendly for Dairy Sensitivities

If you’re lactose intolerant or committed to being 100% vegan, plant-based milk options may be the solution. Vegetarians and those who are only mildly sensitive to dairy may opt for a2 milk as it’s generally considered to be the best tasting milk alternative. However, if you’re looking to avoid digestive issues and stick to sustainable and ethically produced products, then vegan plant milks are the way to go. Oat milk, hemp milk, and mixed nut milks are just a few of the many tasty options at your disposal.

2. A Plant-Based Diet May Be Richer in Nutrients

When your diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, you are receiving the benefit of a whole host of vitamins and nutrients. Magnesium, folate, potassium, and fiber are abundant in plant-based foods but lacking in meat and animal products.

Other nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, or B12, can easily be added through nutritional supplements without the need to introduce animal-related foods into your diet.

3. A Vegan Diet Reduces the Risks of Common diseases

A recent scientific study categorized ailments such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, acne, and lactose intolerance as “diseases of civilization.” This means the standard American diet may increase acne, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

By partaking in a primarily plant-based diet, the risks of those diseases of civilization are reduced. Plus, there are so many healthy and delicious recipes to suit any palette!

4. A Plant-Based Diet Has a Lower Environmental Impact

Did you know that when compared pound for pound, it requires 100 times as much water to produce animal protein as it does to create grain protein? That’s a lot of water! This means if more people adopt a plant-based diet or even grow their own greens, we could dramatically reduce overall water consumption.

5. A Vegan Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

As there tend to be fewer overall calories and saturated fats in a plant-based diet, many people find that they lose weight with ease. Of course, this is not all down to the benefits of avoiding fatty, processed animal products like bacon.

Dark green or dark-colored vegetables, such as collard greens, swiss chard, acorn squash, artichokes, spinach, and kale, offer a higher fiber content. This promotes stronger gut health which can also aid in weight loss.

6. A Plant-Based Diet Could Improve Sleep Quality

A report published in Science Daily revealed that eating a diet of refined sugar, low fiber, and high amounts of saturated fat reduced the quality and restorative powers of sleep. In contrast, a vegan diet offers high levels of fiber and low amounts of saturated fats, making it sleep-friendly.

Make the Switch: Save the Planet, Save Animals, and Save Yourself

No matter what your motivation is, with benefits like these, a vegan diet makes perfect sense. This could be the key change we need to make as a society to be healthier, protect our planet, and sleep better.

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