Essential Kitchen Cookware for Busy Couples

Before marriage the life of the couples was pretty romantic, we always have time to spend with our soulmate.

But when we get married and have kids, life changes. The workload has increased rapidly.

I mean let’s say morning stuff from cooking breakfast to make kids ready. Then also make your self ready for work and ensure to reach on time.

Recently I gave birth to my 2nd baby girl. The baby is small but her care and work is much bigger than adults.

In the morning rush, my home from the kitchen to hall everything messed up.

The worst part is the cooking. But more than that to stand in the kitchen and staring the food.

I always looking for solutions to make my cooking work easy and faster.

There is a fact that electric cookware cooks faster than gas stoves because they can quickly heat up.

In this article, I have listed out some valuable kitchen cookware which boosts up your cooking skills. So, you will never late for work.

  1. Blaletti Pasta Maker – $25.73

baletti pasta

4 out of 7 days, me and my 10 years old daughter loves to eat pasta mixed with scrambled egg. It’s a blissful breakfast combo.

However, my old saute pan takes much time to cook because it doesn’t have a lid. In addition, I have an issue in draining water.

But from this cookware, all problems are gone.

It has straining locked lid for draining water, also the material of the body is aluminum which reduces the cooking time.

Because of heat resistant handles, your hand remains safe from the hot pan.

The design makes it unique since it is built by the italic company thus there is no chance of imperfection. The italic build design ensures that this ultimate pasta maker can fit all pasta from lasagna to spaghetti.

How much can i cook in this at a time?

1.5 lbs of pasta at a time.

5 lbs of chopped potatoes.

12 cups of broccoli.

1 whole lobster.

  1. Presto 06006 – Multi-Function Sauce Pan – $26.88


Have you ever see a saucepan which can able to cook, fry, steam, warm and also deep fry.

No, right!

This multi-function sauce pan saves you many bucks. Also, the body of this pan is aluminium build which results in 40% fast cooking.

It has a deep-fry basket which can be hooked on the rim of the pan for comfort draining.

You can control the temperature from by twisting the knob from 200 F to 400 F.

What can you cook inside this?




Roasted beef




  1. Maxi Indoor Grill 14′ – $28.91

maxi indoor grill

I always love to grill some chicken and meat on weekends.

Usually, the outdoor grill takes longer time to heat up that’s why on workdays we missed the grilled food in the breakfast.

But having this super indoor grill, now I can able to serve grilled food to my kids and also pack my self for the lunch.

This electric indoor grill approximately saves me an hour because it can quickly heat up in the blink of the eye.

Apart from cooking time, cleaning the outdoor grill is much more time-consuming work.

Thank god! this indoor grill have detachable parts. Takes only 2 minutes of rinsing and your grill will look like new.

You can adjust the temperature from 250 F to 450

Also, it is perfectly housewarming gift for your couples friends.

What should I grill on this indoor barbecue?







Hot dogs




Seekh Kebabs.

  1. Dash DRG214RD Electric Skillet – $39.99


Don’t you have an oven or microwave to bake pizza?

No problem. This non-stick skillet bakes for you 14′ inch pizza.

If every morning in your house you cook breakfast for more than 5 persons then obviously it takes longer time.

For example, making an omelet for 6 persons requires a larger pan otherwise you need to cook multiple times.

But having this kitchen cookware, you can able to prepare and serve omelet for 5-6 persons at a time.

Sounds cool right!

The skillet is 2.5 inches deep and provides 6 servings in single cook.

There was a time when we used traditional iron nonelectric pans which takes forever to cook food.

Due to this type of skillet, you can cook faster. It can heat up quickly up to 450 F then your normal stovetop or oven.

The 14′ circular cooking surfaces allows you to easily bake pizza inside this. In addition to this, the skillet has a removable cord so there will be no chances of defect during cleaning.

The handles are very durable and easy to carry from the kitchen countertop to the dining table.

What should I cook/bake in this?

Anything from breakfast to dinner. Example:




Stir fry




  1. Empava 4 Gas Burner:

empava 4 gas burner

Well for some families, it might be difficult to afford high electricity bill.

The electrical appliances are a bad idea for them. They have the only option that is LPG gas burners.

However, gas burners are available in different sizes: 2,3,4,5,6.

But for a large family, I recommend 5.

Sometimes at morning or dinner, all family members want to eat their desired choice of food.

To save cooking time, this is an ideal way to cooking all dishes simultaneously on these 5 burners.

The 5 burners produce total energy of 38000 BTU (12000 BTU + 10000 BTU + 6000 BTU + 6000 BTU + 4000 BTU)

  1. Hamilton slow cooker – $44.99

hamilton slow cooker

Well, this doesn’t cook food fast as a normal cooker.

But it can cook food while you’re at work. Usually, it takes 7-8 hours so just leave it on and go away and do your important work.

The main advantage of this it can cook tendered food as no other cookware did.


In the end, the question may arise in your mind that does these kitchen cookwares really reduce the cooking time?

Yes, definitely because of the only fact that the above cookwares runs on electricity which reduces the preheating time up to 90% as compared to non-electric cookware and these cooking appliances are must for new house owners to make tasty meals always in there kitchens.

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