Erectile Problems: 3 Most Common Causes and Solutions


Over 60% of men past their 40s suffer an occasional bout of erectile problems and the number grows as people get older. This means that erectile dysfunction is one of the most prevalent health conditions in existence. However, all the more disturbing is the fact that one in four men seeking treatment for this problem is under 40 today (The Journal of Sexual Medicine). This indicates that the situation is getting worse and it’s not surprising as the condition is very difficult to treat. That’s because there is rarely a single cause of erectile dysfunction. In the majority of cases, the problem is a result of several factors. Therefore, to successfully treat it, you need to address all causes involved.

3 Most Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Treatments for Them

  1. Poor blood flow

Circulatory problems are a major factor in male impotence (Erectile Dysfunction). That’s why many of the treatments that exist today aim to improve blood flow and give it a temporary boost. This is also the reason why lifestyle plays a major part in erectile dysfunction therapy.

Note that healthy diet and regular exercise as well as breaking of bad habits that affect blood flow (smoking, alcohol drinking, etc.) are sure to reduce your erectile issues by default. This might not be enough to cure the problem completely, but you should see positive changes soon.

If blood flow is your main concern, you should consider taking superfoods and natural supplements that improve circulation. Oysters, strawberries, and tomatoes are some of the main foods that can enhance blood flow and boost your libido. Maca powder is number of among the superfoods for it, that’s why you’ll usually find it included into the best male enhancement pills for length and girth. Such supplements can give a positive effect on your treatment and men over 40 might consider using them as a preventative solution. All-natural products go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

  1. Hormonal disorders

Hormonal disorders are an extremely complex issue. It’s hard and sometimes impossible to find their causes and hormonal treatments usually have some very bad side-effects. Their efficiency is not guaranteed, which means that treating erectile dysfunction caused by hormonal issues is a big challenge.

This is a matter that must be handled by medical professionals only. You’ll need to take regular tests to determine the levels of different hormones in your blood and evaluate the efficiency of the prescribed treatment.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can help manage hormonal issues. As for natural supplements and superfoods, you should be very careful with them as some of these products can affect hormone production.

  1. Psychological causes

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are often overlooked. However, they are a major contributing factor that will have a great influence over the success of treatment.

A single cruel comment heard by a man who experienced an issue with erection (and those are natural, common, and nothing to be ashamed of) can leave a deep emotional scar. If not addressed, this issue can fester and turn into a mental block that will reduce your chances of successful erectile dysfunction treatment. That’s why counseling should be included in the basic ED therapy program on par with diet and healthy lifestyle.

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