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epsom salt

Magnesium, the second most abundant mineral in our body is often found in its sulfate salt – magnesium sulfate (MgSO4). Magnesium sulfate is highly hygroscopic (soaks water freely) and found in the nature in hydrated epsomite form which is commonly known as Epsom salt. It has been a quite some time since man knew the health benefits of Epsom salt before the fancy body care products were freely available in the market.

Epsom salt is named after a spring present in Epsom, Surrey. The spring water is bitter due to rich presence of magnesium sulfate. In a study, it is noticed that Epsom salt is essential in about 300 enzymatic reactions in our body. It helps in regularizing blood pressure, reduces inflammatory reactions and helps in development of muscles, nerves and blood vessels.

The Epsom salt benefits are as follows:

  • Natural pain killer – a warm water bath with Epsom salt after a tiring day will quickly rejuvenate our body. By reducing lactic acid, produced during excessive muscular actions and which causes pain in the muscles, it helps in lowering pain and stiffness of the muscles. Dip yourself in a bathtub with hot water mixed with 10 ounce of Epsom salt for half an hour and see the difference. It will also reduce body odor and soothe the skin. Patients having migraine, bronchial asthma, recurrent cold and sore throat can also use Epsom salt bath to get relief from the symptoms. Magnesium and sulfate, both the components are freely absorbed into our body and help in maintaining enzymatic actions and balancing electrolytes. It helps in conduction of neuro-electrical impulses generated and traversed through the neural network. Thus preserving the normal neuro-muscular function. Magnesium also helps in proper utilization of Calcium, another important component required in contraction of muscles. Therefore, Epsom salt can act as natural pain killer.
  • An aid for the diabetics – magnesium helps in the peripheral actions of insulin. Therefore, regular use of Epsom salt will enable our body in appropriate use of insulin. There is less chance of complication of diabetes and the dose of the antidiabetic medications also becomes less.
  • Rubbing Epsom salt directly over the skin is a great way to exfoliate our dead cells and leaves a smooth and shiny skin. Regular use of Epsom salt with your normal face wash will bring a younger looking skin. A mixture of olive oil along with a pinch of Epsom salt is a good alternative to costly and hazardous chemical exfoliative lotions and creams. In eczematous condition, there is increased acid level in the skin due to bacterial action over the dead cells. Pouring a concentrated solution of Epsom salt over the eczematous lesion will help to get rid of from the condition quickly.
  • Control of arthropods – pouring a solution of concentrated solution of Epsom salt over the hair will kill the arthropods like itch mites and lice. It is necessary to keep the solution for at least 15 to 20 minutes over the infested area. After that through cleaning with shampoo is necessary.
  • As stress reliever – as stated earlier, Epsom salt warm water bath will help in free absorption of magnesium and sulfur in our body. It can quickly replenish the depleted magnesium level. Epsom salt has the power of reducing toxins from our body. It can also partially tranquilize the central nervous system which helps is relieving stress. In presence of magnesium, serotonin levels in our body also increases. Serotonin is a hormone which has the capacity of relaxing our mind and mood elevation. Magnesium also helps in generation of ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) which is an essential component in all our bodily reactions. Therefore, Epsom salt bath can increase the level of stamina as well. Magnesium counteracts the actions of adrenaline, a stress-hormone, further regulating the stress and anxiety.
  • Care of our heart – magnesium helps in maintain elasticity of the blood vessels. Therefore, Epsom salt helps in regularizing blood pressure, preventing thrombus formation inside blood vessels. Ultimately, the chance of sudden cardiac arrest or cerebral attack is reduced.
  • Patients having gouty arthritis can be benefited from having a foot bath with Epsom salt. All he needs to immerse his feet in a bowl containing warm water with some Epsom salt in it. Dipping the feet for 30 minutes will reduce the symptoms and the chance of quick recurrence is axed.
  • Assisting digestion – researches have shown that sulfur helps the pancreas to secrete pancreatic enzymes which are essential for proper digestion of protein and fat. Sulfate component of the Epsom salt has its benefit in assisting digestion.
  • Shiny and healthy hair – Epsom salt bath with reduce hair fall and lower the occurrence of double tipped hair by revitalizing hair bulbs. Thus leaving a shiny, healthy and beautiful hair.
  • During difficult pregnancy – magnesium is frequently used to treat a case of seizure attack in a pregnant lady (preeclampsia and eclampsia). It can delay the time of labor in case of preterm baby. In preterm babies, intravenous injection of magnesium sulfate is indicated to prevent cerebral palsy.
  • Barium chloride poisoning – health hazard due to accidental ingestion of barium chloride can be prevented by ingestion of a solution of Epsom salt. It will neutralize the toxins by turning the barium chloride into a relatively less toxic compound – Magnesium chloride.
  • As a colon cleanser – milk of magnesia is well known for its purgative effect. Our colon is the receptive organ for a number of toxins present in the stool. Sometimes stool is aggregated inside the colon for a long time giving rise to many toxic complications. Ingestion of a concentrated solution of Epsom salt will readily and completely evacuate the bowel leaving a clean inner surface of colon. This will help in proper ingestion of water and nutrients in future.

Epsom salt is also frequently used in agricultural field as it helps in production of chlorophyll. It is an essential component in tomatoes, potato and pepper farming. Epsom salt has several health benefits which makes it an important substance in natural cure of diseases.

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