Entertaining Children at a Wedding Reception

Are you currently in the middle of or soon going to begin planning your big wedding reception extravaganza and are you possibly wondering what it will be like to handle any children who might be attending?

You may be concerned that children may be disruptive and could possibly cause inconveniences on your big day. They are wonderful to have around as long as they are well behaved and properly entertained. You should be very prepared to accommodate their special needs to ensure that you are properly prepared and any children who do actually attend your reception will be busy having fun in a way that you intend rather than finding other ways to entertain themselves to your possible dismay.

Entertaining Children at a Wedding Reception

Game Consoles

One really wonderful way to occupy and properly entertain any children attending is to provide a small room with a game console or two or more. You will also likely want to provide headphones and make certain that there is absolutely no way for sound to come out of any speakers in the room. You will also want to make sure you provide a selection of games that are fun, yet educational or at least make sure they are non-violent. This is as much for the children and their parents’ sake as it is for your reception guests since your reception guests will possibly have to interact with the children at some point and a child who is feeling kind and happy is much better than one who is feeling upset and/or aggressive.

Elegantly Traditional Games

There is a wide array of traditional games that may be a wonderful way to integrate some fun for children into your reception festivities. This is really best for outdoor receptions since it involves much more physically active and potentially messy play. Remember that if you integrate children in this way that they will be less likely to be a quiet non-distraction and more likely to be a mild nuisance on some level to some of your reception guests! These guests may not be the nicest among your reception attendees but it is still probably wise to accommodate their feelings since you have invited their attendance at your event.

Some of the traditional games include wedding-centric variations of games such as a game of “Pin the Wedding Gown Train on the Bride” and “Pin the Coattails on the Groom”. “Ring Toss” with wedding band style rings is another fun idea. “Bobbing for Apples” is an adorable game for an elegant reception, but it can be somewhat messy. Just be sure the children are always supervised by some sort of rotating attendant through the course of the games and your reception since it will be an important aspect of your reception staying pleasant for your other wedding guests.

There are many other ideas possible and it is all really up to the imagination of the one planning the wedding reception. You may want to consult with friends and family also about how they have handled entertaining children at their weddings and also get some of their experiential wisdom to better understand what may be expected at your own wedding reception!

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