Enough With Fast-Food : Take A Healthy Snack At Work


Many who work from 9 am to 17 pm have a problem to choose a proper diet. They do not know what to eat for a skack at work, but in a way to avoid gaining weight. Here are some snack suggestions that have less than 200 calories, which will fill you up and provide the necessary nutrients. A research has shown that one should eat every four hours. Instead of eating unhealthy foods at work, plan ahead and bring a healthy snack in your bag.

Whole wheat cakes with peanut butter
Healthy cakes made from a mixture of cereals (rice, rye or other that you like) with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter are a perfect snack. Energy value of them is about 200 calories and 2 grams of a dietary fiber, and the combination of complex carbohydrates and protein helps maintain stable blood sugar levels and gives you a feeling of fullness.

The choice is indeed huge: apple, banana, pear or other fruit that you like, depends on the season. Fruit is rich in nutrients and dietary fiber. It is low in calories: average fruit has about 70 calories. If you drink low fat yogurt with a piece of fruit, you would provide the body with protein, calcium and vitamin D. The combination of protein and fiber will help you control the amount of food, because it gives the feeling of fullness.

Popcorn with Parmesan
Three and a half cups of popcorn sprinkled with 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese. This is an interesting combination of flavors and only with few calories (150) you increases the energy level and mood.

Instead of unhealthy snacks, choose nuts. It is rich in healthy fats, but also rich in calories, 30 g contains about 170 calories. So do not overdo it. Almonds and other nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts …) are a natural source of vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and rich in the protein and dietary fiber.

Energy bar
If you want to eat something sweet and healthy, choose an energy bar made with natural ingredients such as dates, almonds, walnuts or cranberries. These bars are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables with sauce
Cut carrots, celery, tomatoes, cucumber (select vegetables that you like) and bring to work. Vegetables are rich in fiber and water. If you do not like to eat only raw vegetables, add 3 tablespoons of humus (70 calories), salsa (10 calories) or other salad dressing that is low in calories, fat and sodium (salt).

A soup full of vegetables and noodles is a good remedy for dehydration. Noodles will keep you up for more 4-5 hours and vegetables will bring the energy you need.

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