Enjoy a New Look With a Non-Invasive and Painless Teeth Whitening Treatment

Brushing teeth together

Dental hygiene not only revolves around brushing and flossing your teeth. Hygiene entails knowing what to do about your oral health and your conscious habit to perform the ritual to maintain a healthy smile. According to dental experts, unhealthy gums and teeth extensively contribute to severe health issues like cardiovascular conditions. Dental Studios offers their patients a convenient way to achieve a noticeably brighter smile with teeth whitening in Westfield. Contacting your dentist for professional whitening will help remove plaque build-up, bacteria, and germs trapped between your teeth. Once your dentist removes the hard-to-reach plaque, your chances of developing dental problems linked to poor oral health reduce.

How do your teeth get stains?

Tooth staining starts from your enamel. As you chew and eat your food, a pellicle (a thin coating) starts to form on your enamel. While you may fail to notice the gradual build-up process, the thin layer begins to attract other food stains. Eventually, your enamel absorbs the stains and stores them.

Avoiding teeth staining is inevitable because you have to eat every day. However, certain habits and foods are likely to exacerbate the staining process. Beverage culprits like red wine and coffee and lifestyle habits like poor dental maintenance, tobacco chewing, and smoking will escalate staining. Other circumstances beyond your control like aging, chronic illness, medication, and dental trauma may also lead to severe teeth staining.

Who is eligible for a teeth whitening procedure?

Anyone experiencing teeth staining is a candidate for the whitening procedure because it is non-invasive and has low risks. However, for effective results, your dentist must pinpoint the stain’s origin before deciding on the whitening process to recommend. You will need a less complicated procedure if the stain results from a food stain and a complex option for stains related to serious conditions or habits.

Though the treatment is safe, not everyone is eligible. Your doctor will not recommend teeth whitening if you have underlying dental worries like tooth sensitivity and thin enamel. The treatment will worsen your situation than offering improvement.

What should you expect from the whitening treatment?

Before the procedure begins, your dentist will evaluate your teeth to ensure you do not have outstanding dental issues. After the assessment, the professional will place in your mouth a cheek retractor to expose your teeth completely before applying a protective gel on your gums to shield them from irritation. The dentist will then apply the bleaching agent to your teeth and let it sit for approximately 30minutes. He will intensify your desired results by using laser light. Once your activation time is up, your dentist will turn off the laser light and remove the bleach’s layer exposing your new look. If you feel the treatment has not given you the results you wanted, you can go for additional treatments.

Common habits like replacing your toothbrush after approximately 3months and regular dental visits all play a role in enhancing your dental health and boosting your self-esteem. Unfortunately, there are those germs and bacteria that are hard to reach, except with teeth whitening. Contact the experts or book a whitening appointment and let the professionals help you show off that million-dollar smile you have always desired to show the whole world.

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