Enhancing Your Features – Lip Fillers in London

Lip Fillers

When it comes to the best place for lip enhancement, London is home to many. Dermal fillers have become very popular and widely accessible in today’s beauty industry. This is possibly due to the likes of reality show stars from Love Island or Geordie Shore for example, getting these fillers and then promoting them on social media. And now that you can get fillers from high-street stores like Superdrug, it doesn’t look as if the need for this procedure will be disappearing anytime soon.

But like all cosmetic procedures, dermal fillers should be done by qualified professionals who are reputable within the industry. If you’re looking at getting them yourself, Revere Clinics is one of the best dermal fillers clinic in London and you’ll be in safe hands with their expert doctors. So, what can you expect from lip fillers and what are the benefits?

The Procedure

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and volume. This causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that we tend to see particularly around our eyes and lips. Dermal fillers can counteract the effect of aging, enhancing our features and smoothing out any wrinkles.

Lip fillers in London have to be quick to cater for the active lifestyle of someone living in the city. As the treatment normally takes no longer than 10 minutes, many patients will opt to have it in their lunch hour. Before any treatment is done, there should be a consultation to determine what you want to achieve and how you want your lips to look.  This is also an opportunity to ask any questions, as well as getting their professional advice.

The treatment involves a series of small injections made into the skin and contains a synthetic liquid that plumps the skin immediately, giving instant results. There is usually some discomfort, however, at any reputable clinic there will be an option of having numbing solution applied to the area, should you wish to. After the procedure, it is normal to see some swelling or slight bruising but this is only temporary.

What Are the Benefits to Lip Fillers?

The reason for getting lip fillers may vary from patient to patient. Some may want to get rid of wrinkles and lines around the lip area. Others may suffer from thin lips and want to plump them up, in order to make them more voluptuous.

The main benefits with lip fillers is that there’s no waiting for the results. Patients will instantly notice a difference unlike other procedures that may take weeks or even months to see any change. Dermal fillers are usually made up of hyaluronic acid or collagen, two substances that your skin already has and therefore, it’s nothing your body isn’t already used to.

Lip fillers can be a massive boost to an individual’s self-confidence and if done correctly, the results can be subtle but effective. If it’s your first-time getting fillers, you may find it reassuring to know that although this treatment is long-lasting, it’s not permanent. Therefore, if the results are not for you, it will disappear over time.

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