Effective Treatment Options for Melanoma

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Melanoma is one of the most aggressive life-threatening cancers, but you can achieve a favorable outcome when diagnosed and treated in its early stages. When you work with medical experts for melanoma in Flemington, you get treatment from a wide array of options that ensure you can go back to your everyday life.

What is melanoma?

Melanoma refers to aggressive skin cancers that develop when your pigment-producing cells become cancerous. Skin cancer commonly develops from exposure to the sun for a long time. If left untreated while in its early stages, this cancer can spread to the surrounding parts of your body, making it hard for your doctor to save your life. If melanoma is diagnosed early, your doctor can target the cancerous cells, effectively giving you a new chance in life.

What are the risk factors of melanoma?

While the exact cause for the development of melanoma remains a mystery, there are risk factors that may raise your chances of the issue. Some of the factors that may increase your chances of developing the dreaded melanoma include:

  •                   Continuous use of indoor tanning beds
  •                   Having a high number of moles or abnormal moles known as dysplastic nevi moles on your skin, which are likely to develop into melanoma.
  •                   Fair skin or skin that burns instead of tanning under exposure to the sun
  •                   Family history where several of your members have had cancer in the past.
  •                   Long periods of exposure to the sun
  •                   Exposure to certain types of radiations, environmental conditions, or solutions

Having fair skin increases your chances of getting melanoma. However, people with dark skin can also develop it.

What signs and symptoms of melanoma should you look for?

If you have many moles, you should often check if they transform, especially in their shape, color, and size. Some of the signs and symptoms of melanoma include:

  •                   Dark lesions on the membranes located in your mouth, anus, vagina, nose, soles, palms, and toes.
  •                   Changes in the shape, color, and size of your moles
  •                   Bleeding moles
  •                   Itchy, painful lesions
  •                   Development of new, unusual moles

The caring team at Hunterdon Oncology Hematology, LLC recommends that you should visit the facility for a proper diagnosis if you notice any of the signs and symptoms of melanoma. A change in your skin’s pigment can also mean melanoma and you should have it checked.

What are the available treatment options for melanoma?

Treatments for melanoma depend on its stages and intensity. The first step involves removing the melanoma mass. The professional team at Hunterdon Oncology Hematology uses the most effective and safe procedures such as wide excision to treat melanoma. Another procedure is the Mohs surgery which involves the removal of the mass in thin layers. In the case where cancer has grown and advanced, the team may recommend the removal of lymph nodes surrounding the tumor.

In case you notice any of the signs and symptoms of melanoma, do not hesitate to contact Hunterdon Oncology Hematology or schedule your appointment online.

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