Eating Tips for Better Oral Health

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After the oral prophylaxis is done and you have already finished gurgling, patients are often forced to sit through the same speech that dentists recite after every appointment is coming to a close. The dentist sits in a stool and reminds you to: one, brush your teeth after every meal; and two, floss at least once a day. However, no matter how religious one might be in following this advice, there are instances when those pesky cavities still manage to develop. For that dilemma, there are three quite unusual solutions.

Sweet Tooth – Children are especially prone to having a sweet tooth. However, it is common knowledge that sucrose, which we commonly know as table sugar, is the leading cause of cavities. But what most mothers overlook is the fact that sugar is not just found in candies and other junk foods. There are also perfectly healthy foods that contain a lot of sugar and they are collectively known as starchy foods. Foods rich in starch like breads and cereals are digested with the help of an enzyme called amylase. The result of this reaction is acid production which destroys the enamel of the teeth leading to decay. Dried fruits and fruit juices – even the unsweetened kind – have the same effect as well. For a more teeth-friendly alternative, go for fresh fruits like apples since they stimulate production of saliva. Saliva naturally deters the growth of cavity-causing bacteria.

Gum Disease – In actuality, tooth lose is caused more by gum diseases than by tooth decay. For this reason, people must be extra vigilant against gum diseases. Those people who are at risk for gum diseases are alcoholics, those with malnutrition and HIV/AIDS positive individuals. Certain drugs can also increase a person’s susceptibility to gum disease like steroids and chemotherapy. The most common gum disease is gingivitis which symptoms include bleeding, swelling and red gums. Gingivitis is caused by plaque build-up and if left untreated can lead to periodontitis which leads to teeth loss. Guard your gums through daily intake of Vitamin C which comes from fresh fruits and vegetables such as celery sticks and carrots.

Eat and be Merry – Eating may lead to cavities and tooth decay but it can also lead to the prevention of these two things. Cheeses and dairy products help protect teeth because they are rich in Calcium. On the other hand, sugarless gum helps to stimulate production of saliva which protects your mouth, and teeth, from certain bacteria. And tea is rich in fluoride.

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