Eat Spaghetti The Right Way


Many non-Italians don’t know how to eat spaghetti. This is true even for the U.S. in spite of the large Italian community.

I know many would think that they do know the right way to eat spaghetti, but I’ll tell you otherwise. In this article, you will learn how to munch on the pasta:

Rule # 1: Keep your hands on the table throughout the meal and never ever put your elbows up on the table.

Rule # 2: You also need to wait for everyone to be served before starting to eat, no matter how hungry you are.

Rule # 3: Do not overload t spaghetti onto your fork. If you decide it’s too big or too long, drop it down and pick up a smaller bunch. Roll it again until you form a precise bundle, just the right size to go into your mouth.

Rule # 4: Do not use your spoon to roll the noodles and never bite off the excess and let it fall back into your bowl.

Rule # 5: Avoid these common mistakes when eating spaghetti:

* Do not slurp your spaghetti.
* Absolutely no sounds of any kind while eating.
* Definitely don’t splatter your spaghetti or sauce.
* Don’t wear a napkin or a bib unless you are a small kid.
* Avoid spaghetti for large or formal parties and first dates; instead use short pasta.

Rule # 6: Spaghetti is served in a piatto fondo, a deep bowl like a shallow soup-dish with a rim.

Rule # 7: Strictly follow these steps:

* Make room at the front of the bowl pushing the spaghetti a little toward the center.
* Take a little bunch of the spaghetti with the prongs of the fork.
* Push it against the front side.
* Roll up and enjoy.
* Now, working with the fork in a vertical position, and the prongs against the rim of the bowl, twirl the fork clockwise with your fingers to roll the spaghetti around your fork.
* Raise the fork with the spaghetti wrapped around above the bowl, and measure the length with your eyes.

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