Easy To Do Tips To Lose Weight

lose weight

These easy tips to lose weight can be incorporated into your daily routine to help you easily achieve your weight loss goals.

Don’t think that losing weight is an all or nothing effort. Incorporating small changes into your diet and exercise programs can have a huge impact.

The below tips are not only easy but they are also healthy ideas that will improve your overall health.

Keep in mind that your mental attitude is one of the most important aspects of weight loss. Whatever you set your mind to do – you can do! Never forget that.

1. Plan all of your meals – make a shopping list and stick to it.

2. Clear your kitchen of all unhealthy and fattening foods.

3. Visualize yourself at your ideal weight. Think about the positive effects it will have on your life. Do this first thing in the morning, before you go to sleep at night and several times during the day. Try it now – close your eyes and picture yourself as you want to be. Hold this picture in your thoughts all day.

4. Set a realistic weekly weight loss goal. Keep a journal of your progress.

5. Make sure that you have plenty of healthy snacks available – so when you do get hungry you won’t reach for the wrong food.

6. Try new fruits and vegetables. Eat a fruit or vegetable – or both – at every meal. The more good foods you eat the less room you have for the bad ones.

7. Stay away from negative people who will try to sabotage your diet. Do not let other people break your resolve to lose weight.

8. Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Even ten minutes a day will help. Find some new activities that you enjoy – dancing – biking – bouncing on a mini trampoline (see our Trampoline Exercise For Sculpting A Lean Body article).

9. Eat slowly – put your fork down in between bites. You will eat less and feel full faster.

10. Keep a food journal. Write down everything you eat and drink each day. Sometimes we don’t realize just how much we are eating until we keep track of it.

11. Eat to be healthy – think of your food as fuel for your body. Which foods will give you more energy? Improve your skin? Improve your health?

12. Slow down – take time to relax. Stress is one of the most common causes of obesity. You need to set aside some quiet time just for yourself each day. Reflect on your life – your goals and your dreams. Take a deep breath and totally relax.

13. Spend some time walking outside – enjoying nature. Brisk walking is one of the best activities you can add to your daily routine – especially outdoors.

14. Find a friend that also wants to lose weight – it’s more fun to diet and exercise with a friend – you can encourage each other.

15. Be your own cheerleader. Cheer yourself on. Each morning look in the mirror and say to yourself. “You are doing great – you are losing weight – you look fantastic – I am so proud of you.” It may sound silly – but it works.

16. Drink a green smoothie for breakfast each day – they are a fantastic meal replacement that will give you lots of energy. See our healthy green smoothie recipes for instructions on how to make them.

17. You will lose more weight if you build muscle. Be sure to include weight training in your exercise routine. Many people only think about cardio workouts for weight loss – although it has been proven that weight training helps burn more fat in the long run. Keep a set of weights by your favorite chair – do a few reps as you are watching tv.

18. Add high fiber foods – especially high fiber vegetables into your diet. They fill you up and also help clean your digestive system out.

19. Eat lots of broth based soups – try our healthy vegetable soup recipe.

20. Drink a full glass of purified water before each meal.

Remember that it is the little things you do all day that will make the difference. Just stay conscious of your weight loss goals and you will be a success.

Incorporate a few of these easy tips to lose weight and that extra weight will start melting away.

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