Easy Guide to Choosing a Pain Specialist

back pain

The recurring pain in your lower back and neck is making you avoid playing with your kids. Additionally, moving up and down the stairs has become a nightmare that won’t stop even with pain relievers. Choosing a pain management specialist like Jay M. Shah MD, who understands effective treatment options for chronic pain, will help restore sanity to your life.

Here is a simple checklist to follow when choosing a pain management specialist.

Level of Expertise

A pain management specialist with experience understands the different treatment methods. Choosing a pain specialist who can customize the treatment option for you is the best option. Additionally, a qualified profession understands human anatomy, and different remedies to integrate when dealing with pain. The pain management specialist should have certifications from the board in Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Additionally, also consider the specialist’s area of specialization. The specialist will incorporate ultrasound and x-ray imaging before making a diagnosis for pain treatment.


Does your pain management specialist show compassion when treating you? Choose a professional who understands your pain and handles you in the best way possible. Irregardless of your age, whether young or old, your specialist should offer emotional support in dealing with physical pain. Remember, you may suffer from depression as a result of chronic pain. A specialist who understands your needs will help you overcome the emotional disorders for better mental health.

Treatment Options Available

Thanks to technology, there are different treatment methods to alleviate pain. A qualified pain management specialist will integrate different options in offering solutions for pain patients. For instance, you can have nerve blocks, regenerative medicine, and even spinal cord stimulation as treatment therapies.

They are also other options available like joint injections, peripheral nerve stimulation, and even epidural steroid injections. A pain management specialist who understands the different treatment methods can choose the best technique for your pain intervention. Every patient has different pain levels and intensity, and a qualified pain management specialist understands that as well. Therefore, you will have different treatments from other pain patients.

The Location

It is advisable to choose a pain management specialist who is closer to your home or office. Picture this scenario in mind. You’re suffering from chronic pain, can’t leave your home, and you want to visit a specialist who is a 3-hour drive away. It beats logic. Choose a specialist who is close to you, to ease the availability. Additionally, choosing a specialist who offers telemedicine is a plus, especially when you can’t schedule a physical appointment.


Reviews can break or make your decision. If you find negative reviews on a pain management specialist from several patients, it raises eyebrows. Keep in mind the nature of positive or negative patient interaction will reflect on you as well. It is advisable to choose a pain management specialist who has positive reviews, as they will treat you better as well.

Not to forget, always be open on your pain condition with your doctor. Choosing a qualified pain specialist is a step closer to saying goodbye to your pain.

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